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1206Y1000272MXTE03∴In a written statement, the Vatican said the two men spoke about Ukraine's "humanitarian and political situation provoked by the war going on.''⇛C325C331K3G5TABaldwin was pointing a pistol at Hutchins during a rehearsal when the gun when off, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.░


•“Anyone who knew and sat there and listened to him reload, they should all lose their jobs,” said Brett Cross, the uncle and guardian of 10-year-old Uziyah Garcia, whom he called his son. “Anybody who made an order that they shouldn’t go in should face possible jail time.”◑FG18C0G1H010CNT00♢SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean pop has quickly grown into a global phenomenon, and its popularity seems to only expand. But a leading figure of the industry says K-pop "is in crisis."»1210Y2000181FAR✃Vucic said that approximately half of the arms collected since last week had been held illegally, while the other half were registered weapons that citizens nonetheless decided to part with. The relinquished weapons will go to Serbian arms and ammunition factories for potential use by the country's armed forces, the president said.♥18125A102FAT2A▓The 86-year-old pontiff topped the celebration with a traditional speech about troubled places in the world. Encouraging "trust among individuals, peoples and nations," Francis said Easter's joy "illumines the darkness and gloom in which, all too often, our world finds itself enveloped."▌

¤Blue was picked in the second round of the 1967 Major League Baseball draft, and made his major league debut at the age of 19 in 1969. In his first two seasons, Blue played 18 games, but found his spark in 1970 when he threw a no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals, becoming the youngest player to do so since the Live Ball Era began in 1920, according to MLB.¤1210J0250100GFT⊙"This is a significant milestone for the BSA as we emerge from a three-year financial restructuring process with a global resolution approved with overwhelming support of more than 85% of the survivors involved in the case," CEO Roger Mosby said.⇝


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06032U150GAT4A▭Before the SS men sent people into the gas chambers, they ordered them to undress and told them they were going into showers to be disinfected.♥VS-8ETL06FP-N3↰London — The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, called Monday for "urgent clarity" from the city's Metropolitan Police force over the arrest of 64 people amid protests on the day of King Charles III's coronation.☁


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C0402C300G8HACAUTO➳Russian forces still seek to seize the remaining part of the Donetsk region still under Ukrainian control, including several heavily fortified areas.ⓔCDR31BP181BJZRAT⇄Barzman further admitted that he lied about where the paintings came from, and said he found them in a well-known screenwriter's storage unit, the DOJ said.◥


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MMSZ20T1G⇒Minutes later, Sharp resigned.✌SR275C103KAR▼Prices rose 0.4% between March in April, with prices for housing, gasoline and used cars leading the way.╬


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