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↣But CDC officials stress that the information the agency will still continue to collect and routinely post on its website will still provide the necessary metrics to track the coronavirus and identify and respond to any new threats.♨CDR32BX472BKWPAP✄Financial regulators, including the chairs of the Federal Reserve and the FDIC, applauded the move.↿0805Y0630333JDR○Expand ‘don’t say gay’ (H.B. 1069)⊙CWR19CC476MBECWell-known instances where a gag order was issued by a judge include: the trial of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber whose case garnered national attention; the civil case brought against former NFL star OJ Simpson; and the 2004 Michael Jackson child molestation case.۰

✪CIA was tasked with finding moderate Iraqi forces who could work together and then CIA supported them.↩C316C622J3G5TA7301♣"We had to add an extra meeting because we realized that it's not just nurses that need support, it's actually the entire health care team," says Paredes.▧


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GRM1555C1E110GA01D【"Information is the commodity of the 21st century," says Moore, who said she urges beneficiaries to guard their Medicare numbers.▬1206Y0251P80BFR◩"There are few players with a more decorated career than Vida Blue," the Oakland Athletics said. "Vida will always be a franchise legend and a friend. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends during this time."↾


◩The former cricket star has denounced the cases against him, which include corruption and terrorism charges, as a politically motivated plot by Sharif, his successor, to keep him from returning to power in elections to be held later this year. Khan has campaigned against Sharif and demanded early elections.↭TBJC685K025CBDD0H00⇅The average Italian consumed roughly 51 pounds of pasta last year, says David Ortega, a food economist and associate professor at Michigan State University.▫FA28C0G2A181JNU00§For example, one room of the exhibit puts Mutu's collage series "Histology of Different Classes of Uterine Tumors" (2006) next to her pottery-like renderings of viruses, which she began in 2016. These round works, textured with spikes and raised grooves, represent mumps, measles, dengue, Zika and other sicknesses. In a conversation with Norton and Crockett printed in the exhibition catalog, Mutu explains that she views them as unifiers: "The history of many cultures is tied to disease. We discuss the entry of Europeans through marking the diseases that either killed them or killed us because they brought them. There's something about diseases that describes our humanity, vulnerability and susceptibility."▒M39014/05-2873☜Strict safeguards have been implemented, the FDA said, and products made with "glycerin, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, maltitol solution, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate or sorbitol solution" are receiving "increased regulatory oversight." Manufacturers and overseas regulatory counterparts have been contacted by the FDA to make sure that their products are meeting current requirements and specifications.☂

⇕In New York State Supreme Court on Thursday, a former model filed a lawsuit alleging that she was raped by Fabrizio Lombardo, a onetime associate of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The suit also named Weinstein, Disney, and Miramax as defendants, saying they "were negligent or recklessly indifferent to the harm that Lombardo inflicted."♠C315C121G3G5TA7301←The Colosseum appointment is a highlight of Holy Week ceremonies. At this year's procession, in which a tall, slim, lightweight cross was carried by faithful, some 20,000 people turned out, holding lighted candles in the darkness outside the arena. When the procession ended, and a cardinal, instead of the pope, gave a blessing, a shout of "Long live the pope!" rose from the crowd.◆

↖"Elon Musk tweeted that [NPR] should be defunded," Biden said. "Well, the best way to make NPR go away is for Elon Musk to buy it."↚


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C323C432JAG5TAღBy all accounts, Ike was excessively cruel toward Tina, both personally and professionally. "Looking back, I realize that my relationship with Ike was doomed the day he figured out that I was going to be his meal ticket, his moneymaker," Turner wrote in My Love Story. She then described how she was a last-minute replacement to sing on "A Fool In Love" — which became the duo's first hit, reaching No. 2 on the R&B charts in 1960 — and was impressive enough that a label head told Ike to make Tina the group's centerpiece. "What went through Ike's head when he heard that advice?" she continued. "He had to find a way to protect his interests, and that's when the trouble began."√CKC21C562KEGAC7210♗Pyatt said firefighters were called to the hostel at about 12:30 a.m. Emergency officials said the building had no fire sprinklers, which Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said was not required in New Zealand's building code for older buildings that would have to be retrofitted.◘

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