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CWR09NC474JC◈Inside, Gulden climbs crumbling staircases, past gaping holes in walls. Dudnik meets him halfway. Without electricity, it's already dark so Dudnik navigates with a hand-crank flashlight which makes a clicking sound.♥VS-111RKI40☠When police visited the suspect's home, they found a safe that his father said was used to hold the firearms. But his son apparently knew the combination; the pair had also reportedly gone to the shooting range together.⇧


❣"This is a very, very important year because of the dangerous threat to peace that comes from Russia invading Ukraine," Scholz said.2225Y2000680FFR▍It had been checked out in 1927, around the time his wife’s grandfather, John McCormick, might have wanted the book to start teaching his two young daughters about American history, Perry said. Shortly after inspecting the book, he drove to St. Helena to drop it off.▐2225J0500823KCR£Bauer Food had two 10-year-olds cleaning the restaurant, manning the drive-thru window and preparing and sending out food orders, the DOL said. They sometimes worked until 2 a.m., and one was operating the deep fryer, a duty that is only allowed by employees age 16 and up.☚1812J2500123FCTºFor that test, a judge must weigh: what extent the media coverage could impact the right to a free trial; whether a gag order is the least restrictive measure that can be used; and whether that order would be effective at all.♚

⇀NPR found that many users of the Discord channel where Teixeira leaked information were fascinated by Orthodox Catholicism, guns, as well as racist, vile memes.☣SR275C103KAR☼"It kind of became apparent that people were learning from it ... it's almost like we were learning together. It grew quite quickly," Cooke said.♠


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GA0805A101JXBBC31G★Stay This Day and Night with Me has more in common with a Socratic dialogue than a conventional novel. Only at its end does Gopegui motion at rising or falling action. Essentially, the novel consists of Mateo and Olga — the former a student in his early 20s, the latter a mathematician in her 60s — meeting, discovering shared interests in artificial intelligence, robotics, and utopian socialism, and setting out to "engage Google in a serious conversation" about the systemic injustices it enables and perpetrates. Early in the book, Gopegui writes, "Google, you could have worked out how to share your power with people. By doing so you would save them from having to desperately scrape together their own power." Stay This Day and Night with Me is a portrait of two friends scraping together power, or hoping to, through intellectual exchange. It's unevenly persuasive, sometimes too abstract, and clumsy in its few gestures at storytelling — but exciting and bracing nonetheless. Gopegui issues an intellectual challenge to Google, and to her readers. What, she asks, do we know that AI cannot — and is it too late to start valuing that knowledge more?↝250R05L6R8BV4T❉In a letter posted Friday, the agency told ARC that it has tentatively concluded after an eight-year investigation that ARC front driver and passenger inflators have a safety defect.➨

ˍRoman uses the one argument he uses for everything, which is that this is what his father would have done. (Not true at all!) Gerri says he's not his dad, and Roman is angry-wounded over her refusal to tell him he's as good as Logan. (Apparently her withering insults are no longer hot.) She also senses that he intends to kill the deal somehow, and she warns him, "You cannot win against the money." So Roman fires Gerri, too. Sure, why not?①

【But "consort" isn't really part of the title, says librarian and royal historian Marlene Koenig. She tells NPR she's not surprised that it wasn't on the invitation.⇨

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