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☇Mata-Rubio said she has too many what-ifs of her own to worry about whether the cops feel regret, shame or sorrow about their actions that day.⊙C324C222KAG5TA▌The next Paralympic Games are more than a year away, but they are top of mind for many thanks to their official — and controversial — TikTok account.⇋12061C223KAT4A↕"Even with support from fans, leaders at the city, county, and state level, and throughout the broader community, the process to build a new ballpark in Oakland has made little forward progress for some time," the team said. "We recognize that this is very hard to hear. We are disappointed that we have been unable to achieve our shared vision of a waterfront ballpark."✿5022R-221F☆Rivers ran for the county commission in 2020 as a Republican and was elected without opposition after the Democratic nominee was disqualified over a previous felony conviction.➙

❐The enactment in 2000 of the Death in Custody Reporting Act, and its reauthorization in 2014, required the DOJ to collect information about deaths in state and local jails and prisons.■1812Y1K50181KXT↯Who is he? Henry Grabar is a journalist and the author of Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World. His writing and research focuses on housing, transport, and the environment.○


⊙Who is he? A multi-instrumentalist, Grammy winner and Beyoncé usurper, Beck is one of the biggest names in alternative rock.✒2220J0160153JDTЮIn November, it received the second batch of almost three million doses from the UN, and last month a health ministry spokesman told AFP all the doses had been used.☣BLF7G10LS-250,118☆"It becomes slightly less of a drama if she doesn't come," he said, suggesting that Meghan may have been hoping to "lessen the damage, lessen the pain."✪1812JA250680KCRPY2✍"Early childhood programs also serve and welcome families that represent many compositions. Children from all families (e.g., single parent, grandparent-led, foster, LGBTQIA+) need to hear and see messages that promote equality, dignity, and worth," the book states.▀

☁Hospital leaders say for this reason, cyberattacks pose an existential threat to the viability of hospitals across the country, especially financially-struggling hospitals or smaller hospitals in rural areas.☼C1206C332K5GACTU◙White and another police officer had gone to Yallambee Lodge, a nursing home in Cooma that specializes in residents with higher care needs including dementia, after staff reported that Nowland had taken a serrated steak knife from the kitchen.♣

☎Gulden no longer lives in the building but he visits every week. On a recent day, Gulden walks through his old neighborhood, past a pile of rubble with toys and tufts of pink yarn peeking through and a partially restored playground with freshly painted seesaws. When he reaches his old apartment building, he shouts out for Dudnik. The phone signal is poor.❂


⇙Last year, the Belmont City Council went so far as to approve a resolution in support of the mascot. Belmont Mayor Pro Tem Richard Turner, who introduced the resolution, said the Red Raider represents courage and pride and that he'd "never seen anybody do something disrespectful or inappropriate or dress in Indian headdress or Native apparel."↿VJ0402D430KLAAJ▧By 5 a.m., she is accompanied by four other women on a motorboat, operated by a fisherman they know well. They each chip in about $1 for the ride. It's a half-hour journey to the nearest island. Depending on the availability of seaweed, they may venture out to the other islands that are further away. Once they find the best spot, they moor the boat and dive in. The women are in neck deep waters usually until 3 p.m., because the strong currents would disrupt the work after that. Seeniammal gathered about 22 pounds of seaweed from that single trip, she says, almost double what women collect near the coast of Pamban.✍0603Y1500510JQT◈Medication abortions now account for more than half of U.S. abortions, making them increasingly the focus of the legal fight over abortion rights. They're also more discreet and affordable than other forms of abortion.↥2220J0160183JXR➨Google will delete accounts older than two years to help avoid security risks, the company announced Tuesday.➦

░In order to properly make sense of her own life and the choice before her, Betty must start at the very beginning — at least, at her very beginning, the day of her birth, her death, and her miracle. Born with the umbilical cord around her neck, she is pronounced dead, only to spontaneously return to life with one minor eccentricity, which is that her skin is "an even, lustrous blue like a creature from a fairy tale." There is no explanation for her color, no apparent abnormality in her vital signs; she's just recently dead, newly alive, and blue.√MA0603CG101G100⊞In a winding interview Thursday to a reporter on Capitol Hill who asked him to clarify his comments, Tuberville defended his assertion that Democrats characterize MAGA Republicans in the military as white nationalists.☋


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GRM0335C1H1R5WA01DЮ"For smokers who are legitimately trying to quit using vapes, the prescription model pathway is and should be in place," Slevin added. "But that should not be at the cost of creating a new generation of nicotine addicts among children and young people."➲S4924-152J↯It was a case that spanned actions on two continents and multiple countries, a star studded witness list, foreign intrigue and both domestic and international influence peddling.⇙


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