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2225CC104KAT9A➚The incident occurred around 12:15 p.m. local time in DeSoto, a village near the border of Wisconsin and Iowa. Two of the three train engines, as well as 10 cars, went off track to some degree, she said.❦GRM0225C1E4R1BDAEL◊Under Twitter's rules, and according to the former executive, accounts that have been given the state-affiliated mark are not recommended or amplified on the platform — a process known as "downranking" among social media insiders.∎


ºTrump, who denies any wrongdoing, is expected to appear in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday for his arraignment.↛C328C333GAG5TA➟The G-7's devotion to protecting what it calls a "rules-based international order" got only a passing mention in the statement released Saturday.☀LD14CC224KAB1A▤NEW DELHI — Indian police on Sunday arrested a separatist leader who has revived calls for an independent Sikh homeland and the secession of India's northern Punjab state, which has a history of violent insurgency.☟1206Y0500562GCR☪"You could kill your way out of it," Rapp, the former ambassador, said. "And that's the lesson that Russia has taken to heart, too, as it commits these crimes in Ukraine."◦

↨On Sunday, Harden, after a 42-point performance in Game 4 of the playoff win against the Boston Celtics, took off his sneakers, signed them and gifted them to Hao, who was sitting on the sidelines.♖TMK021CG7R8BK-W❉Sweeney told NPR that he doesn't have a specific goal in mind for @DeSantisJet other than to "share the information and make it available to everybody that might be interested."✄


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FK28X5R1E224KN000↳In a move that might anger some China hawks, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng is also attending. Han was the architect of Beijing's 2019 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.↟ER1025-31JP☻Ahead of Tsai's visit to California, China labeled her planned meeting with McCarthy as a "provocation" and threatened "countermeasures" should the meeting go ahead. On Saturday, China's People's Liberation Army began live-fire joint force training exercises for its air force, navy and ground forces.º

➞"Weaponizing legislative discipline reveals a concerning level of democratic dysfunction," said Seifter, who is the co-director of the State Democracy Research Initiative at the University of Wisconsin Law School. She added, "it suggests that more attention should focus on state-level government."♥

◑The conflict in Sudan erupted on April 15, as two generals went to war over absolute power. Overnight, the generals turned Sudan's capital, Khartoum, into a playground for urban warfare, trapping millions of civilians in the crossfire. In shopping districts and residential areas across the city, soldiers exchange machine gun fire in open streets. Fighter jets have boomed overhead, raining down artillery shells that glimmer like meteoric orbs before plummeting down, destroying homes, schools and factories.↷


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