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█Omac and Kibwota suffer from nodding syndrome, a neurological disease for which the cause has not yet been conclusively identified. In northern Uganda, a region fraught by years of civil war, the disease reached epidemic proportions between 1997 and 2012, then declined. Many experts believe nodding syndrome is related to the parasitic roundworm Onchocerca volvulus, even if indirectly. The World Health Organization has noted that there's strong evidence that river blindness, an illness caused by the roundworm, which is transmitted by black flies, is connected.➶1808J0250561KFT▪"They managed to reach close to Atiq and his brother on the pretext of recording a byte and fired at them from close range. Both sustained bullet injuries on the head," he said. "It all happened in seconds."⇃0805Y2000561FAT↙"I look forward to approving the board's pardon recommendation as soon as it hits my desk," Abbott wrote.⇪MA101A471JAA-BULK↝Alejandra Gonzalez fled Venezuela with her husband and stepson. She told NPR that they tried to turn themselves into border patrol in El Paso before the policy ended. But, after waiting out in the hot sun for days, she said, they never got the chance.▧

◢This is very, very huge. For the first time following the invasion, we saw the rise of what we call or what one academic friend of mine called the Shia Crescent in the region. So for the first time, you have the two largest Shia states in the world, Iran and Iraq, almost in an alliance that they did not have before ever,◀LD1-1R8-R¤"I feel pretty strongly that it's Haley who made this change, because it happens early in the process," after an audio tape recording of the interview was transcribed but before Haley submitted a draft to Playboy.▫

↦"The result is exceptionally negative for Syriza," he said in initial statements. "Fights have winners and losers."☎


❈Garcia, who entered the Army in June 2008, was terminated three months later without completing his initial entry training — and was not assigned a specific job or "military occupational specialty."◘PDTB113ET,215▦Gershkovich, who is being held in Moscow's Lefortovo prison, has not been allowed to see any officials from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow despite "repeated demands for access" the Journal reported. So far, only visits from his Russian attorneys have been allowed.○1111J5000200GUT☢Casiano says she won't get pregnant again – she doesn't want to take the chance of reliving this experience. She wanted to have her tubes tied when she delivered last week, but couldn't because of a Medicaid rule that requires a 30-day waiting period after giving birth. She has an intrauterine device for birth control in the meantime.▣0805Y2000152MER⊠O'Brien was talking to Rometty about her weight, exhorting her to get in "good physical shape" if she wanted to become a high-level executive. Rometty recounts she'd been "chubby" as a little girl. "Gaining and losing weight was a cycle" she was all too familiar with.➯

㊣He noted Medicare and Social Security — two programs that have broad public support but are also major drivers of spending — would not be impacted by the cuts.⋄5022R-822H⇗On Tuesday, a Westville, Okla., resident, Janette Mayo, confirmed to the Associated Press that her daughter, Holly Guess, 35, was among the victims. State records show Guess and McFadden applied for a marriage license in 2022.♪


☪Democratic opponents questioned the program’s cost. A Florida Policy Institute analysis found it will come with a yearly price tag of $4 billion — far more than the state legislature’s estimate.↦0603Y0634P70CFT▪Kandula was arrested and charged by the Park Police with assault with a dangerous weapon; reckless operation of a motor vehicle; threatening to kill / kidnap / inflict harm on a president, vice president, or family member; destruction of federal property and trespassing.✿GA1206Y564MXJBR31GⓥDays later, a pair of paddleboarding sisters found a second set of remains on a nearby sandbar. The coroner's office identified the remains as belonging to Thomas Erndt, 42, whose drowning was reported on Aug. 2, 2002.☂1210Y5000180FAR☪This isn't a school for students with hearing disabilities, but Mr. Steve uses ASL as part of a broader approach to minimize noise in the classroom. And it's noticeably quiet. No one is talking louder than what's often referred to in Montessori schools as "the hum."☀

△Sarah Cypher's debut novel The Skin and Its Girl is one of these, specifically dealing in the truths, half-truths, lies, and folktales passed down through family. It begins with a fitting request: "Imagine this."⇩2225Y6300122GCR⇥On the flip side, at least 23 states have enacted laws that prevent state and local governments from regulating which energy sources homeowners and business owners use, according to Pew.●


⇏"Our conservation today slows down these processes (of decay), but for how long, it's hard to say," Maciaszczyk said.⇦SDS850R-223M❀The charges also allege that in or about October or November 2015, the owner of the National Inquirer tabloid learned that a former Trump Tower doorman was trying to sell information regarding a child that Trump had allegedly fathered out of wedlock. At the owner's direction, his publishing company negotiated and signed an agreement to pay the former doorman $30,000 to acquire exclusive rights to the story. The company then allegedly falsely characterized this payment in its records. It bought the information from the former doorman without fully investigating his claims — and later concluded that it was not true — but the owner directed that the deal take place because of his agreement with Trump and his lawyer.▐CK45-R3DD681KAVRA❏Nineteen other states have imposed restrictions on transgender athletes, most recently Wyoming.➛MSS20-141-B10D〓RICHMOND, Va. — Irvo Otieno, a 28-year-old Black man whose death last month at a Virginia mental hospital has sparked outrage and led to second-degree murder charges against 10 defendants, died of "positional and mechanical asphyxia with restraints," a medical examiner's office said Monday.❃

◎Both Moscow and Beijing have accused Washington of trying to isolate them and to hold back their development as they challenge the U.S. for regional and global leadership.⇜GRM219R71E274MA01J❏U.S.-China tensions have also increased as China declines to rule out military assistance to Russia, and after the Chinese spy balloon incident.↛

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