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☪Chairman Mickell Lowery announced he was calling a special meeting on Wednesday afternoon to "consider the action to reappoint Mr. Justin Pearson to his duly elected position to represent the citizens in District 86," local station Action News 5 reported.▽


◣"This is not only a funding problem but also an accountability problem; we need to do more to address it," he said in a statement to NPR. "No person should be subjected to these conditions, incarcerated or not."▣GA1206Y683MXCBT31G♢The waiting room of the hospital was crowded with patients and their caretakers. Many patients were actively bleeding. Some had gunshot wounds. Others bore crush injuries from the concrete rubble of bombed buildings. "We were not prepared for the casualties we saw," Abdullah recalls. Still, he and his few medical staff began systematically triaging and treating the many patients.➧CLLR1U-01 TR TIN/LEAD↶A dozen years ago, when debt limit negotiations broke down between Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, it was McConnell who established a dialog with the Oval Office through Obama's vice president — Joe Biden.■150D474X9020A2B▲The burning question on his mind: Should his hospital pay the $3 million ransom to minimize disruptions to its operations and patient care?⇝

✙In Italy, Carabinieri police backed by helicopters said arrest warrants were served on 108 people, who were accused of mafia association; possession, production, and trafficking of drugs and weapons; money laundering; and other crimes.♈CWR26KH106KBGB\HRⓥ"That's what this is really about," Jones said in response, that he should "just assimilate."➳


▣Reynolds served 14 years in the Navy, until a head injury cut short his time with a SEAL team. He's been taking online classes and living in the pop-up camper on the back of his pickup. His only income is the monthly disability check from the VA.➝1210Y1000123FFR⇩In a press conference on Friday, director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, "COVID-19 has been so much more than a health crisis, disrupting economies, travel, shattering businesses and plunging millions into poverty."♩AO4805⇀This story is part of the NPR Climate Desk series Beyond the Poles: The far-reaching dangers of melting ice.▦1111J5001P20BQT↳The governor said 48 others were treated in hospitals, with five in critical condition.☌

▧Cartes, a local magnate who is also the president of the Colorado Party, is a powerful figure in Paraguayan politics and members of the opposition had characterized Peña as a frontman for Cartes to hold power. Cartes stood next to Peña as he gave his celebratory speech Sunday night.☞TBJB336K016LRSB0024▆Biden also called the meeting "productive," but said there's still work to do to make sure the U.S. avoids defaulting on its debt.↤


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TYS4020470M-10◇A day later, family members of three of the victims filed a separate wrongful death lawsuit in the State of New York Supreme Court against several social media sites including Facebook, Snapchat, Discord and Reddit. The case alleges that Gendron was radicalized by the algorithms behind the social media products he used that fed him racist, antisemitic and violent content.↼0838-040-X7R0-220K♀"Wastewater surveillance is ... really spotty, so there'd be large parts of the country not covered by this surveillance," wrote Jennifer Nuzzo, who heads Brown University's Pandemic Center, in an email.◪

⇥The novel called En Agosto Nos Vemos — roughly translated from Spanish as See You In August — will be published by Penguin Random House, The Guardian reported.⇂

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