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1206Y0500123JDTღNoting the millions of listeners who support and rely upon NPR for "independent, fact-based journalism," NPR CEO John Lansing stated, "NPR stands for freedom of speech and holding the powerful accountable. It is unacceptable for Twitter to label us this way. A vigorous, vibrant free press is essential to the health of our democracy."▌TAJC226K016ESA✆Clinton was accused of giving false testimony to a grand jury, which amounts to perjury, and obstruction of justice. It happened in 1998, as Clinton dealt with the fallout from his affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.☛


☠Alex Murdaugh, the disbarred South Carolina lawyer convicted of murdering his wife and son, was indicted Wednesday on more than 20 counts of orchestrating financial schemes that allegedly stole millions of dollars from his clients over 16 years.⇁CDRH8D28NP-1R0NC◩North Korea faces stringent U.S. and international sanctions going back nearly two decades for its nuclear weapons program and development of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Pyongyang has continued to research and test more nuclear weapons. It has also worked to evade sanctions with the cooperation of allies like China and illicit trade with barred countries and companies.▁C326C223K5G5TA7301⇌As the market tries to figure out what comes next after the merger, Straumann, the professor, said he wouldn't be surprised to see problems for regional banks in Europe after further interest rate increases, much like what happened to midsized banks in U.S.✃TAZE106M006CBSZ0900↪The easy banter between Brooks, in his first hosting gig, and Parton carried the show's early moments. Parton closed out the show with a performance of a song from her upcoming rock album.◆

▦She was talking about the police department of this suburban Northern California town, about 45 minutes northeast of Oakland.♦1825Y1K20100KCT█Santos, who has previously admitted to "embellishing" his resume, has repeatedly denied any criminal wrongdoing.♂

➲“His plan is he’s going to escape in his plane and get back to France, and he’s never going to have to face these charges,” Flowers said, adding that Manchec’s plot was not a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. He owns Aero Shade Technologies, a Florida-based company that makes cockpit sunshades for jet planes, Flowers said. He is also a multimillionaire, the sheriff added at the news conference, holding up pictures of his castle and yacht, the Princess of Palau, as evidence.☆


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SA102A620JAA↣According to NASA's Office of Inspector General, each Orion spaceflight will cost more than $4 billion, and the overall cost of the Artemis program through the 2025 fiscal year will reach $93 billion.✃VJ1812A220JNRAR✯Lia Gaertner, director of education and outreach for the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, recommends wrapping it in a moist paper towel, putting it in a plastic sandwich bag, and dropping it in the mail to a tick testing laboratory. Within three days, she said, they can tell what kind of tick it was, how long it had been feeding, and what kind of diseases it was carrying. "That's super important information for people to share with their doctors," Gaertner said.➹


∎U.S. fighter jets shot down the suspected Chinese spy balloon that had drifted across the United States for several days on Saturday, bringing an end to the opening chapter of a tense public standoff with Beijing over the intrusion into U.S. airspace.▶C1608JB1H683K080AA▩Adams thinks that's what happened with her kids' Medicaid coverage. Her son, who survived leukemia, recently had a follow-up biopsy appointment canceled because he was no longer insured. Adams is now working with navigators at the Family Healthcare Foundation to get coverage back.■VJ0805D2R4CXCAC×In a tell-all book called The President's Daughter, Britton wrote about her yearslong relationship with Harding, which she said lasted until he died. She provided details about coming to an agreement with the politician to have her sister and brother-in-law adopt the child.◧IPI120N10S405AKSA1☞Jane Green again.▉

☀The Italian coast guard said Monday it was completing operations to rescue 800 migrants on a ship intercepted around 193 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of the Sicilian town of Syracuse.▼SI2304DS,215☜It said permitting any person to change their gender in accordance with his or her inner feeling or self-perceived identity will create "serious religious, legal and social problems."☪

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