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BZV49-C33,115▒Doyle Brunson, nicknamed the "Godfather of Poker," has died. He was 89.○GCM1885C1H122FA16D☣Sure, the current pace of change can feel dizzying and kinda scary. But Brynjolfsson is not catastrophizing. In fact, quite the opposite. He's earned a reputation as a "techno-optimist." And, recently at least, he has a real reason to be optimistic about what AI could mean for the economy.→


▪Fitch Ratings released new analysis on Tuesday suggesting the escalating political fight over the debt limit could have an impact.☃1025-58HThe Montevideo Maru was transporting prisoners and civilians who were captured after the fall of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. The ship was not marked as carrying POWs, and on July 1, 1942, the American submarine Sturgeon, after stalking the ship through the night, fired four torpedoes, which found their target, sinking the vessel in less than 10 minutes.✆0603Y0160273MDR☜On Monday, Musk posted a screenshot of the interaction and said, "As promised."♦0603J0160122JFT♠She was unhappy about the many months off from school due to pandemic closures: "I stayed indoors for a year and felt like serving a jail term," says Awour. Due to the loss of schooling for some nine months, she says, "I feel my life goals were derailed a bit" – she hopes to study sign language for a future career.☊

▪HONG KONG — Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong was sentenced Monday to three months in prison for breaching court bans on disclosing personal information about a police officer who injured a protester during 2019 anti-government protests.◥MBR8080R▍The ports of entry participating in the Title 42 exemption process are located in Nogales, Arizona; the Texas cities of Brownsville, Eagle Pass, Hidalgo, Laredo and El Paso; and the California cities of Calexico and San Diego. The first appointments under the expanded process are set to occur on Jan. 18. DHS officials said they would make additional days available every morning.↻


☞The federal judge in charge of the abortion pill case, Matthew Kacsmaryk, is expected to rule any day. Kacsmaryk was appointed by former President Donald Trump and has a history of issuing rulings favorable to conservative causes. In a hearing held in Amarillo on March 15, he asked several questions of lawyers on both sides of the case related to how, in practical terms, a nationwide injunction against mifepristone might be written.♤T95S105M035CSSL➜So last December, Hinton made the decision to leave.✙TBJD685K050CRLB0024유Now enrolled in an online first grade, she says she still remembers everything about kindergarten: the hairdressing station where Iryna Sahan braided her hair, playing games with her friend Aurora, learning to write her name with her friend Bohdan.♦1206Y6300470FCR▤Traditional medicine products are also fueling the illegal trade of big cats in Asia, according to a 2019 report from the non-profit World Animal Protection.▣

ЮElected Wisconsin Supreme Court justices serve a 10-year term.◨564R2DF0Q39✙The Environmental Protection Agency also has a say in the matter: The agency regulates phosphogypsum, and any plan to use it in roads would require a review, the EPA told NPR.➸


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1808Y2K00151JXR☻The guitar was eventually repaired and gifted to his friend and musical collaborator, Mark Lanegan of the Screaming Trees.⊙T491V106M035AT☠"You think the mail issue is not a dramatic change? You don't think going from seven to ten weeks is a dramatic change? You don't think going from three visits to just one without a doctor?" Ho asked while questioning Danco lawyer Ellsworth. "We can't deny this is a big-stakes issue."☆


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2220Y5K00121KCR⇌The United Kingdom sanctioned Iran's prosecutor-general, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, on Saturday night "with immediate effect" over Akbari's execution.➶GA1812A152GBAAT31G⇠"In addition to being illegally obtained, the audio does not match the 'transcription' of that audio, and is not precisely consistent with what has been put into print," the sheriff's office said.♥

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