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GA1210A471FBCAT31G♪The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday blocked lower court decisions banning or limiting the FDA-approved use of the abortion pill mifepristone for the foreseeable future.♪BZG03C16-HM3-08➞AFP contributed to this report.⊡

➸Anadolu news agency said Erdogan's ruling party alliance was hovering around 49.3%, while Kilicdaroglu's Nation Alliance had around 35.2% and support for a pro-Kurdish party stood above 10%.◤

■I've also found optimism among kids — Black, white, poor, rich — they play and they can enjoy life. They connect. It's only later that they learn about differences and start to behave differently. But when I see how they interact as children, it's all about playfulness. Even during war times or in refugee camps, I see kids finding ways to create joy amongst themselves.◈


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APT28M120L➨The North Carolina man accused of shooting a 6-year-old and her parents after a basketball rolled into his yard has been arrested in Florida following a two-day manhunt.▫103R-152GS●Want more on personal finance? Listen to Consider This on how to build your own recession toolkit.◑


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1025R-66G☾A few weeks ago, Perry decided to sort through the clutter in his home, including old boxes that had been sitting unopened for years.↟1808Y5000121FCR☭"You don't remember? But your teacher Iryna told me," her mom says.▧


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