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⇋"I am requesting a Gang of Eight briefing," he wrote, referring to the bipartisan group of eight congressional leaders who are tasked with reviewing national intelligence information.유C1206C153M2REC™While Davis has been charged with a federal hate crime, Indiana's own hate crime laws have been under scrutiny.⇌CAS26C331KAGFC❏The driver was being treated at the hospital before he is taken to jail, he said.➙CDR01BX472AKUP\M2K⊙The Passaic County Prosecutor's Office did not provide details about the possible motive for the assault and told NPR that the investigation is ongoing.ⓥ

◆He's railed against immigration, claiming "it makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided."❐0603J0160223JDT◥The Angelopoulos fellowship "provides opportunities for high-profile leaders who are transitioning from public service roles," while the Hauser fellowship appoints high-profile leaders to work with students and faculty on improving leadership skills, the school said.♦

❏Later in the show Ballerini took to the stage flanked by drag artists, as states across the country consider legally limiting drag show performances. The Tennessee native sang "If You Go Down (I'm Going Down Too)" and danced with Kennedy Davenport, Jan Sport, Manila Luzon and Olivia Lux, all stars of the show "RuPaul's Drag Race."◇

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg called the shooting a "horrific tragedy" and an "evil act of gun violence."▶

→"My sense is, God and I came to an accommodation with each other a couple of decades ago, where he's gotten used to the things I'm not capable of, and I've come to terms with things he's not capable of," he said. "And we still care very much about each other."➩


»The three adult defendants are Wilson LaMar Hill Jr., 20, of Auburn; Johnny Letron Brown, 20, of Tuskegee; and Willie George Brown Jr., 19, also of Auburn.➩C0603X152M4HACAUTO⏎The declaration for COVID-19 was the first time the WHO announced an international health emergency since an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2019.⊙SR295E224MAR◈But NPR White House correspondent Franco Ordonez says Biden was tied in by political constraints.✉GA0805H683MBXBT31G♡Disney said in a statement on Monday that its inspectors have been leaders in the industry. Other experts note that Disney and other large theme park operators have an expertise examining sophisticated rides that state or local agencies may not have.⇡

◊The latest journalist to be arrested was Irfan Mehraj, a reporter from Jammu and Kashmir, who was picked up on March 20 in connection with a "terror funding case."◑BS000057BJ25036AC1Republican Sen. Janne Myrdal, of Edinburg, sponsored the latest state legislation.▪


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