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▦“I’ve been telling them, ‘Go ask your daughters. Go ask your wives. What do they think? Don’t think of it as your political future. Think about it as their future,’” she said.⇚


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AO4710L_101◑Well, the quotes from the CDC and WHO are clear.↤JANTX1N6349☂The FDA has not approved the medications specifically to treat gender-questioning youth, but they have been used for many years for that purpose "off label," a common and accepted practice for many medical conditions. Doctors who treat transgender patients say those decades of use are proof the treatments are not experimental.☢

◇"We're providing greater flexibility, more participation in the program, resources that take a little of the pressure off," said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, while announcing the plan at a school in Greeley, Colo.⇢

▊Of those, about 12,000 found a home at another college. Yet the fates of the more than 9,000 others vary and can include everything from dropping out of college to still being active in the portal and hoping to find a new home.▎


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BZW03C82-TAP◐It noted that children often use air rifles in these events, which increases the likelihood of an animal's suffering and prolonged death.☂DSTF10200C♪"I know exactly where JJ is. He is safe and fine," Vallow Daybell said in the recording, as local TV station KPVI reports. After Gibb pushed for more details, Vallow Daybell told her that she suspected Gibb was falling prey to "dark things."▓

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  1. Other than the History of the breed, not specific to a Burmese Cat at all!


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