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♡Police in Texas have identified 34-year-old George Alvarez as the driver who plowed into a group of people near a migrant shelter Sunday morning.☁5022R-184G◫“Being true to yourself and your community is something to celebrate, all year long,” the Pride section on the company’s website says, inviting customers to post their Target finds with the hashtag #TakePride.↔2225Y2500223JFR〓Nashville Christian School told NPR in a statement that it "has established dress requirements for daily school attendance and at our special events. All students and families are aware of and sign an agreement to these guidelines when they enroll."✥0805J2501P00DFT۰A coroner will determine the cause of death. Police say her injuries resulted from falling to the floor, not from the electric charge from the Taser-brand stun gun.▶

❤Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the Defense Ministry is investigating.♥C1812C511M1HAC7800←In a perfect world, health experts say they'd like everyone would get the more expensive polio shot which is incapable of mutating into a dangerous, circulating virus.♣

⋄Information about the girl's name and nationality was not immediately available.♚

▲State Sen. Sandy Senn, who voted against the ban, said fellow Republicans — many of whom are running for reelection next year — would face a reckoning at the ballot box for their vote in support of the ban. During the midterm elections last fall, abortion rights groups scored major victories, even in conservative states, striking down ballot measures in places like Kansas and Kentucky.☣

★But nonetheless, it represents a huge leap in the North's nuclear capabilities. Until now, North Korea had relied on large, liquid-fueled missiles to launch its nuclear weapons towards the U.S. Those missiles require fueling before launch – a process that can take potentially an hour or more to complete. In addition, each missile has to be escorted by a convoy of fuel trucks, making them easy targets for any adversary trying to take them out.↥


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CP302-MPSH10-CT❣Democrats pushed a resolution to expel Santos, but Republicans instead voted along party lines 221 to 204 to send the matter to the House Ethics Committee. Seven Democrats voted present, including several on the House Ethics panel to head off concerns of a conflict of interest.⇢CWR09KC225KBC\TR◙The abrupt appearance of the same label affixed to known propaganda outlets such as Russia's Tass and China's People's Daily set off a range of reactions, from praise to outrage. Critics of the move saw it as another sign of Twitter's troubled relationship with the media, which has deteriorated since billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter last year.✉

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