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♣The Food and Drug Administration endorsed Opvee, a nasal spray update of the drug nalmefene, which was first approved as an injection in the mid-1990s but later removed from the market due to low sales. Naloxone comes as both a nasal spray and injection.♣


➘The victims’ families shared similar sentiments in the Linn County courtroom on Monday.▦CWR09MB475MM➨The March affidavit states that Thompson had beat the victim, a woman pregnant with his child, several times throughout their relationship, including trying to strangle her and leaving her with a black eye.✂VJ1808Y152JBLAT4X▊Tacopina irritated Carroll by using the word "supposedly" to cast doubt on her rape claim, drawing an immediate and stern rebuke from the writer.☁APTGT150H170G۰In California, a 26-year-old software engineer, Brandon Tsay, wrestled a shooter to the ground at a dance hall in Monterey Park without knowing the gunman had just killed 11 people nearby.●

⇜On seeing a diversity gap in the financial industry:☭VJ0402A101JNAAP☇He sometimes had trouble getting the money he was owed for his labor. At the start of his days, he says, he'd write his name and the hours he'd worked in a notebook and "hope that notebook wouldn't get lost" — which would mean he wouldn't get paid.↸


❈There were also reports that three people had been arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning for handing out rape alarms to women in the Soho neighborhood of London, after officials said they had received intelligence that rape whistles might be used to disrupt the coronation procession. Those arrested were reportedly volunteers with a local program that assists vulnerable people.↟0805J2500151KUT✐Priscilla Orta, an attorney based in south Texas who represents migrants for the group Project Corazon, criticized the vulnerability guidelines in the CBP One app, saying they don't explicitly consider LGBTQ migrants as vulnerable.◨2SK2962,T6WNLF(M✲Alternatively, it could attach conditions to the more than $6 billion in federal grants that goes to states each year to address addiction.➴1825J2K50271JCT▔Roberto Salazar II, 26, of San Diego was sentenced for importing fentanyl and for conspiracy to distribute heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl, according to a statement from the U.S. attorney's office.♥

£"I put a lot of time and thinking into it because, of course, I don't want to give up my Stanford degree, you know, because it's, like, a Stanford degree," Hinton said.➹108R-223HS↷"The Justice Department strongly disagrees with the Fifth Circuit's decision in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA to deny in part our request for a stay pending appeal. We will be seeking emergency relief from the Supreme Court to defend the FDA's scientific judgment and protect Americans' access to safe and effective reproductive care," Attorney General Merrick Garland wrote in a statement announcing the Justice Department's action.⇜


◈He noted that China was Ukraine's top trading partner before the invasion, and the call serves as a "powerful impetus" for the countries' relations.✍C0805C474K3RACAUTO☆The deal is the largest for a North American professional sports franchise, surpassing the $4.55 billion Walmart heir Robert Walton paid for the Denver Broncos last year. It is still pending approval of three-quarters of owners and other customary closing conditions.↬CWR11DH686KCA●Burris' clients include those who say they were repeatedly targeted and falsely accused by Antioch police officers.㊣TDC476M010NSF-F×According to various news reports, the boy, whom officials identified only as Fahim, had chosen the shipping container as a hiding place during a game of hide-and-seek with friends, but accidentally locked himself in.●

↛So the idea is, to mask or not to mask ... it's up to me?●BZT52C20☜We sent journalist Thomas Bwire to interview residents of Kibera, often referred to as the biggest slum in Africa and home to an estimated 800,000 people and neighboring communities. In Kibera, signs of poverty are visible – like the many potholes and the gutters by the side of the main dirt roads, with water and sewage running down them. Many of the small homes have mud walls while some are crafted from sheet metal. They typically don't have electricity or running water.¤


➡Police executed a search warrant on McFadden's property around 3 p.m. on Monday, where they discovered the seven bodies.◙VJ0402D180MXXAP▤But the murky profile of Guney, a maintenance worker at Charles de Gaulle Airport, added further complication to the case.♧2150R-24K☎According to Paredes and his colleagues at Don't Clock Out, work remains a major source of stress and moral injury for health care workers. Moral injury is the sense that healthcare professionals have had to work in situations that violate their ethical code and have been let down by their employers with ongoing staffing shortages.☌C0603C151F3HACAUTO⇤But NPR White House correspondent Franco Ordonez says Biden was tied in by political constraints.♠

✎The statement did not say specify what Vanzeir said during the game.¤CDR32BP100BKUR⊕Unfortunately, even this goes down in flames. Roman has gotten wise to the fake numbers and the potential for disaster, so he declines the flight jacket Kendall has made for him and he backs out, weasel-style, saying maybe he's not as qualified to sell this as Kendall.▣


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