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MB152-F↼Inslee's office says about 800 abortions per month, or 60% of abortions in the state, take place using pills. State officials say they anticipate increasing demand for abortion pills as a result of restrictions that have taken effect in other states in response to last summer's Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization Supreme Court decision.▒C1210X221M3HAC7800►As he was led to safety by police after the attack, Palakiko said he saw the bloodied bodies of victims.♧


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9405R-44◙Moving forward, BuzzFeed will "concentrate our news efforts in HuffPost, a brand that is profitable with a highly engaged, loyal audience that is less dependent on social platforms," Peretti said. HuffPost and BuzzFeed Dot Com will have a number of select roles opened for members of BuzzFeed News, he said.▀0805Y0500120KFT✣"The bitterness, anger and shock of those who are disappointed, overwhelmed and affected by the developments of the past few weeks is palpable," Lehmann told what is likely the last Credit Suisse shareholder meeting in its 167-year history.➮


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C1206X103K3REC7210☆Sheeran was an hour into testimony in Manhattan federal court when his lawyer, Ilene Farkas, pressed him to tell how he came to write "Thinking Out Loud" a decade ago.☣5OK102KABJI↾Ellsberg later summed it up by saying: "We always knew we could never win." Yet the war went on and more lives were lost because American leaders were unwilling to acknowledge the futility of the war or to accept the humiliation of defeat.⇞


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CDR32BX333AKUS-ZAHAA➳On the textures of the sail:↛1808J0500472KFR✌The Food and Drug Administration is pulling its approval for a controversial drug that was intended to prevent premature births, but that studies showed wasn't effective.◐


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1025R-58H유A couple dozen activists, including one wearing a mask of the head of the Swiss central bank, took parting shots at Credit Suisse: Some held signs decrying the bank's ties to Mozambique, where the lender was found to have violated anti-money-laundering rules that led to nearly $700 million in settlements to British and U.S. authorities.2220Y0160561GFT▒MARGARET BRENNAN: All right. Nikki Haley, thank you for coming on today and making your case.⇀

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