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DTA044TMT2L➺More than half of the 50 U.S. states also have banned the app from official devices, as have Congress and the U.S. armed forces.⊙T95S685K6R3ESAL↡Kobos told NPR, "It was just nerve-wracking to not have much of a sense of anything and then to be told we might not get paid past Friday. We weren't able to be told if that means we would then be furloughed. But we were told, you know, if the strike's still going on into Monday, we could apply for unemployment."▱


▨Molson Coors Beverage Co., which owns the Miller High Life brand, does not currently export it to the EU, and Belgian customs declined to say who had ordered the beers.➜1808J5000101MDR▤A Florida teacher is under investigation by the state's Department of Education after she showed her students a Disney movie that features a gay character.▄S300YR▪"In my assessment — and that of economists across the board — a default on U.S. obligations would produce an economic and financial catastrophe," Yellen said in a speech.✚NTE5034A◆But it's not uncommon to see that version of Trump when he's under oath during depositions or in court proceedings.◧

のThe Justice Department has joined the Pentagon in an urgent effort to determine how secret military documents on the war in Ukraine made their way onto multiple social media sites.➡C0805F334K4RACTU↽Castellano says that on days his supervisors knew the farm's owners were coming, they "would tell me to hide my face, to not be noticeable, because they knew it was wrong."▒


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FTB1F-15FTR✎Both Ibrahim and Abdalla are particularly worried about a Nile crocodile, raised from an egg at the facility since 1971. Abdalla said the crocodile was on a regimen of medicine and vitamins due advanced age. The crocodiles are increasingly rare to find in the Blue and White Nile rivers that cut their way through the country.✁STGWA30HP65FB▀Over the past few weeks, previous attempts to negotiate have been unsuccessful and the fighting only escalated. Fighting was reported on Friday in Khartoum, according to The Associated Press.☾

▣The latest move by Adidas comes nearly six months after the company cut its ties with the rapper, halting production of Yeezy products and its payments to Ye.↘

♩Vinha also says the negative view of schools — many right-wing Brazilians have in recent years voiced concern over subjects like politics and gender being discussed in schools, two topics they believe should be taught at home — and their role in students' lives also needs to shift. School is often the only place students regularly frequent outside their home, so it needs to be a place where they feel heard and where conflicts can be resolved, says Vinha, noting that methods to mitigate and deal with bullying and fighting should be taught to educators. She also suggests regular discussions among students about their problems, both in groups and one-on-one with reliable peers, could help.☪

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