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♡And while no one was physically hurt, these types of swatting calls can be deadly. In some instances where SWAT teams are called in under false pretenses, innocent people have been shot or killed by accident.▮1N2818A♭More than 2,900 people have been killed in the military's crackdown on dissent since it seized power and more than 18,000 have been arrested, according to a local monitoring group.↡1N4745A BK TIN/LEAD☆Tuesday's incident comes on the heels of two other high-profile instances of young people getting shot after allegedly approaching the wrong house, which have renewed focus and debate around "stand your ground" laws.⇅1210J5000271FCR◘Singletary is wanted on four counts of attempted first-degree murder, one count of possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflicting serious injury.▰

❒The author of 14 books, Kushner is perhaps best known for his title, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, which he wrote after losing his first-born child.☀VJ1206A221JXAAR✃Police say officers were dispatched to the H-E-B parking lot around 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday after reports of shots fired. While there, they received another call about a shooting victim about 2 miles away, and determined that the two incidents were related.➺


✍Thompson revealed Monday that the teen was shot in the head and arm and that Yarl didn't make any entry into the house at any point. Lester's charging documents indicate that he shot rounds through a glass door, Thompson said.➛D820G29C0GH6UL2R◐Chairman of the Senate Armed Service Committee Jack Reed has called the leak a "major security breach that cannot be allowed to happen again" and said Congress will take "corrective steps."◣IRFR3504TRLPBFⓞThose living in one household should still be able to access the account when traveling or on the go, Netflix said.◑SR152A100CARTR1ぃHowever, under current rules and regulations, drugmakers don't actually have to tell the public the reason why something is in shortage. Not all of them have explained themselves, but based on what a few companies have told the FDA, it doesn't seem to be a problem with the manufacturing of the drug – for example, contamination at the plant.♠

☽Responders found an adult male unresponsive at the scene, and he was later declared dead.▧CKC18C682FCGACAUTO◁In New Mexico, the rate of police using lethal force is even higher if a Black resident is involved. Black people total around 2.7% of the state's population, yet they are nearly four times more likely to be killed by police than white people. Years of high-profile cases of Black people killed by police across the country show this is an ongoing problem due in part to racial bias in policing.♥


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0805J2000241FQT£Jack Teixeira, who is accused of publishing top-secret Pentagon documents on social media, made his initial court appearance at the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts on Friday.Θ1812J6300152GCT➙The "bundled care" approach used in the study cuts down the time it takes to address the problem.⇪


↺The fire at Shell's Deer Park Chemicals facility started at about 2:56 p.m. in the olefins unit, the company said on Twitter. The product that ignited includes cracked heavy gas oil, cracked light gas oil and gasoline, according to Shell Deer Park.↼1N4752PE3/TR8●The section on structural racism states that "systemic and structural racism ... has permeated every institution and system through policies and practices that position people of color in oppressive, repressive, and menial positions. The early education system is not immune to these forces." It says preschool is one place where children "begin to see how they are represented in society" and that the classroom should be a place of "affirmation and healing."↬3EZ14D/TR12↺Taxpayers can always question or appeal what they owe, according to the IRS. Caller ID can be faked, so don't think it's real just because the caller ID says IRS, Brown says.▦135D566X9030C6♡Andrea Long, a 42-year-old mother of three from Cary, said she was honored be part of the "electric" crowd on what she called a "historic day for freedom" in North Carolina.♧

▨Late Saturday, tensions ran high in Jerusalem as a few hundred Palestinian worshipers barricaded themselves in the mosque, which sits on a hilltop in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City sacred to both Muslims and Jews. Israeli police efforts to evict the worshipers locked in the mosque overnight with stockpiled firecrackers and stones spiraled into unrest in the holy site earlier this week.▩GLN6ROKAT1A↯The safety campaign, launched late last year, is already having an impact, the fire service said, as a recent survey indicates the target audience — mainly young, working males — now see cooking under the influence as a riskier enterprise.ⓔ


↸Tyreese "Ty Reik" McCullough, 17, and Travis McCullough, 16, both of Tuskegee, were arrested Tuesday. Wilson LaMar Hill Jr., 20, of Auburn, Alabama, was arrested Wednesday. Johnny Letron Brown, 20, of Tuskegee and Willie George Brown Jr., 19, of Auburn, were arrested Thursday. All are charged with four counts of reckless murder, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said.▨BD902-S◙"Conflicts of this nature between residents, boards, and management are rare, but are resolved through internal discussion, mediators, and the courts. An escalation of this nature is unheard of and deeply distressing," said Lyndsey McNally, Board President of the Canadian Condominium Institute's Toronto chapter, the largest national condo association.↥GA0402Y222KXAAC31G♗Shoppers flocked to Bed Bath & Beyond for a treasure-hunt-like stroll through aisles stacked floor to ceiling with trash cans, kitchen gadgets, shower caddies and bedding. Its blue never-expiring 20% off coupon became such a cultural staple that it's frequently sold on eBay.TN1215-800G-TR✍In an interview, one CFPB official even shared his own past troubles qualifying for a first U.S. credit card as an immigrant. At least now, he added, more banks have begun pursuing people without credit histories.↕

▐"There are signs that inflationary pressures are starting to abate," Ortega says. "But this doesn't necessarily mean that these food items are getting cheaper, just that the price increases are starting to moderate."⊕GA0603Y223JBJAR31G▥WASHINGTON, D.C. and HIROSHIMA, Japan — As debt negotiations between the White House and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's team drew to a close Friday evening, uncertainty remained as to whether the players could reach a deal to avoid an unprecedented default.↹


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