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▦A spokesperson at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) — which runs both the account and the games — told NPR in an email that the criticisms seem to be coming primarily from people who do not have disabilities and may not be aware that the account is run by a "Paralympian who fully understands disability."♡

✁Biden said he was willing to cut spending, but said Republicans needed to consider raising tax revenues. House Republicans are largely opposed to any tax increase – a major tool Biden has relied on in his proposed budgets to lower the deficit.➤


☢It's a divide that has left hundreds of prisoners at the mercy of a two-tier judicial system that has disproportionately affected minorities. Each was convicted under an unconstitutional law that defense attorneys — and even some prosecutors — acknowledge may have sent innocent people to prison. But only some inmates will see their cases reconsidered.■CDR02BP221BKYSAR♡Even though the production cut is only about 1% of the roughly 100 million barrels of oil the world uses per day, the impact on prices could be big, Book said.➪C327C160J3G5TA▨While humans and livestock infected with the bacteria that causes chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics, it's not so simple for koalas.⊙C0805X222M5REC7210→She pleaded with creators to not be "the worst."➥

↛An earlier version of one bill in particular, Senate Bill 12, would have, among other things, prohibited drag shows on public property, on the premises of a commercial enterprise or in the presence of a child. The bill has since been amended to exclude language about drag shows. The bill was passed in the Texas Senate in April and is set to be considered by the House on Friday.↫CC0603JRNPO8BN102✿But who would expect any different of the 76-year-old who has made his political career on bluster and provocation?♣


♧Cooke says he hopes his work will continue to bring attention to police violence.⇎SC62LCB-3R3◐The federal government is not legally obligated to engage in the discussion. After all, states filed the lawsuits against companies that made, sold, or distributed opioid painkillers, including Johnson & Johnson, McKesson, and Walmart.∎1812Y2500391KFT◣This type of noise becomes a benefit in this situation, because it's masking the variability of the other sounds that would be a distraction.♢FK18C0G1H560J❑The live show was scheduled for 8 p.m. ET, but it never came.➝

☠The American Association of People with Disabilities applauded the move, with President and CEO Maria Town telling NPR in an email that it "brings us closer to embracing that disabled people are everywhere."﹌2220Y1K00270FFT▫But the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a U.S. trade group that represents major automakers including Ford and BMW, criticized the bill, calling the AM radio mandate unnecessary.◎

♧A Safety Investigation Team from the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center, based at Fort Novosel, Alabama, is leading the safety investigation, officials said in an email.⊠


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