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☪Human activities have caused more than half of the world's largest lakes to shrink dramatically over the last 30 years, according to a new study published in the journal Science. The implications pose risks to human health, economies and the natural world.➲


✒The U.S. embassy in the city warned of "increased anti-regime activity and violence" in the days around the anniversary.あ3N257-5410E4/51♀Cases have since been reported from every populated continent, in dozens of countries, by diplomats, intelligence officers or military personnel. Several of the incidents required victims to be medevacked, including in two cases reported by aides to CIA Director William Burns and Vice President Kamala Harris who fell ill while traveling overseas.➺HERF1004G C0G♜Singh could not clarify that part of the story to CBS News, and said he couldn't say whether the video had been altered in any way.↱K121K15X7RK53H5▫Wembanyama is heralded as a generational talent, and the French player's home in the U.S. almost certainly will be the San Antonio Spurs, which on Tuesday won the draft lottery to select first in June's draft. Afterward, Wembanyama said he wasn't surprised.¤

◈Disney said in its statement that the agreement was based on a comprehensive plan that state officials approved last summer.◦C1206X519D4HAC7800۰NEW DELHI — "I have resigned," the journalist declared in a YouTube video last November. "You won't hear me on NDTV anymore saying, 'Hello, I'm Ravish Kumar.'" And with that, the longtime face of New Delhi Television, one of India's oldest news broadcasting channels, stepped down.∴

↹The dealership where Garcia bought the car did not reply to a message left by NPR.ⓥ

♨In 2011, the national debt was roughly half as large as today, but the rhetoric about it was just as dire.↭


✐The CDC's concern about a resurgence of mpox is based on a recent cluster of cases found in Chicago. In the past month, 21 people there were diagnosed with mpox, according to Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, deputy director for the White House National Monkeypox Response, who spoke at a press briefing on Thursday.⊙GA1812Y104KXCAR31G♀Just last Tuesday, a bronze bowl, or krater, more than two thousand years old, stolen from a tomb in Macedonia, was handed to Greece's culture minister.♠TPSC107M006R0150◎When Dan Lampariello saw smoke pouring over Copley Square, an instinct kicked in.▐C320C223J1G5TA∷The king will hold the Sovereign's Orb in his right hand during the service. It's a 17th-century golden sphere adorned with precious jewels and a cross on top, meant to represent the Christian world. Charles will also be presented with two scepters during his coronation: Both are golden rods. One is known as the Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross. It features a heart-shaped diamond nestled below a cross, symbolizing power and justice. The other features a dove and is known as the Rod of Equity and Mercy.◪

▍Writers, he explained, are associated with "paper airplanes" and "just fooling around" and the stereotypes "are not entirely wrong." Writers are kind of like monkeys "because the monkeys are funny and you don't really know what they're going to do and they kind of remain us of us." But they're also some of the "most brilliant and sophisticated men and women I know," he added, and the "beating heart" of "Saturday Night Live" is in the writers room.❈MB156▉Crowell said emergency services received the first call about three minutes after the shooter opened fire, officers arrived on the scene about three minutes after that and police shot and killed Sturgeon three minutes later.➸

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