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⊡"Something will happen, most likely, because how could the conservative royalist establishment put up with the kind of agenda that Move Forward offers and peddles, and calls for change, and reform of the military and the monarchy?" Thitinan says. "You have to imagine a lot of Thais, powerful Thais, elites, they have a lot of stakes in the system that were set up over the last seven decades ... they bought into the system. And Move Forward is a direct challenge."▬


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0805R-821J❖You look at the civil rights movement. All these horrible things were happening, and it just propelled them forward. It made them want to move. Same thing with this racial reckoning. Something challenging and horrible had to happen to activate people and make them want to embrace dignity in a new way.▥RHEL81H473K0K1H03B⇛Iran similarly summoned the British ambassador after the execution.☈


▧“Anti-LGBTQ violence and hate should not be winning in America, but it will continue to until corporate leaders step up as heroes for their LGBTQ employees and consumers,” Ellis said in a statement. She added that the backlash against Target from a “small group of extremists … should be a wake-up call for consumers and is a reminder that LGBTQ people, venues, and events are being attacked with threats and violence like never before.”♬4470-45J☜The judge in that case, U.S. District Judge Thomas Rice, an Obama appointee, didn't go that far. But he did rule Friday that the agency cannot alter access to the drug while the lawsuit proceeds. That decision could offer relief if the Texas injunction goes into effect — though it would be limited to those 17 states and the District of Columbia.◑VJ0805D1R5CLPAJ✃"We're pretty confident that the president was very knowledgeable of what his family was doing," Comer said at a Capitol Hill press conference while flanked by more than a dozen Oversight GOP members.º1025R-20H▔"It looks like it was only there for a short time but moisture did start to soften some of the pasta," he said.↨

♢PARIS — Colleagues of Arman Soldin, the Agence France-Presse journalist slain in Ukraine, gathered solemnly at the press agency's Paris headquarters on Wednesday, a day after his death, to remember the 32-year-old.✡IXFV14N80P◙It was at a high school baseball game in 2019 that Becky Gaither's quiet resentment was transformed into action. The mother of three, who grew up in the Seattle area and traces her ancestry to the Cowichan tribe of the Pacific Northwest, was there to see her son on the field for South Point High in Belmont, N.C., "Home of the Red Raiders."▒

✡A U.S. official told CBS News on Friday that the balloon was "not moving very fast."⇠

✿The guests will have access to most of the station as they conduct experiments, photograph Earth and chat with schoolchildren back home, demonstrating how kites fly in space when attached to a fan.♠

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