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▀"He was telling Republicans they should be going on other media channels, not just Fox," Ben Vihstadt said. "Republicans watch those channels too."☇


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0603Y1000471KCT☪Rivers died from cancer, Chatham County Commission Chairman Chester Ellis told the Savannah Morning News. Campbell and Sons Funeral Home said Rivers died at a hospital in Savannah.2220J1K20392GCR☁"After the massacre, kids have acted out. Some have probably stopped going to school, we have kids that have dropped out of BASE because of it," she said. "We have kids that they get jumpy when people talk about certain things or say certain things or hear certain sounds. And that shouldn't be. No child should feel that way."➝

▪The panel's first vote approved a detailed account of historical discrimination against Black Californians in areas such as voting, housing, education, disproportionate policing and incarceration and others.⇀


↜Authorities said the 25-year-old was an active employee of the bank at the time of the shooting.➻CWR29NC475MCHC✌The following year, he had a 24-8 season with a 1.82 earned run average and 301 strikeouts over 312 innings. He won the AL Cy Young and MVP Awards, becoming the fifth player in history to win both honors in the same year.↝VJ0805A151JXEMP▨Rice compares this retrograde motion to when you pass someone on the highway.⊙C0805C330F3HACAUTO◐Analysts have said Bakhmut's fall would be a blow to Ukraine and give some tactical advantages to Russia but wouldn't prove decisive to the outcome of the war.☛

ღCarolyn Bryant Donham died in hospice care Tuesday night in Westlake, Louisiana, according to a death report filed Thursday in the Calcasieu Parish Coroner's Office.▇CHV1210N250472JCT↴Fiction, of course, is an attempt to move a set of sturdy words from the mind of a writer to that of a reader. So even though Betty has doubts, her author, Sarah Cypher, has nevertheless made a grand, imaginative, poetic, loving, and — at least for this reader — successful attempt.▐


◎Republican lawmakers across the country have advanced hundreds of measures aimed at nearly every facet of trans existence this year.♂TBJB226K020CBSC0700➚"A lot of this work is really well-intended, trying to use machine learning, artificial intelligence to improve people's mental health ... but unless we do the research, we're not going to know if this is the right solution," he said.➨P160-333JS➛"I had a very strong connection with Fort Lee, which is clearly one of my favorite posts in [the] Army, and I was very happy and very honored."◄4470R-08G➺In fairness, that appears to be a proxy for feelings about Trump. Nearly everything asked about him for years, from his approval rating as president to his favorability rating to whether he should drop out, has come in somewhere in that range.♧

▽The lawsuit names the Newport News School Board and several school district officials, including former Superintendent George Parker III, as defendants.✄0603Y2503P90DCR░Majcunich-Beasley thinks about her rescue whenever she sees an elevator on a TV show or movie. She journaled about the event and gave the passage to Malia to read when she was around 11 years old.◙


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