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▲What was high school like for you in Summit? In your book, you share how you were often confused for another Asian kid and that you were frustrated by your Asian features.◫


✁The recall includes varieties of 5.5 ounce one-wick candles, 14 ounce three-wick candles and 20 ounce three-wick candles in scents ranging from warm cider and cinnamon to ocean air and moss and many more.◈08055A9R1JAT2A☪JERUSALEM — Israel conducted rare airstrikes in Lebanon on Friday, a sharp escalation that sparked fears of a broader conflict after militants fired dozens of rockets from Lebanon into Israeli territory. Israel also continued bombarding the Gaza Strip.☂MAZ243000G❦Late in the musical Hamilton, President George Washington asks Alexander Hamilton to "help" him write his farewell speech. Hamilton desperately wants his longtime mentor to stay in office, but Washington presses the quill pen upon him insistently as he sings "One Last Time."◎1210J2000151JCR↞Anna Wong, who lives in Missoula County with her transgender child, supported Zephyr in the 2022 election with the expectation the lawmaker would "speak out against the onslaught of bills targeting transgender youth."⇛

➤Black taxpayers are audited at higher rates than other racial groups, an internal IRS investigation has confirmed.◦CDR32BX393AKUS-ZANAB⇣The agency is also working to boost salaries of BIA law enforcement, including correctional and police officers. A bipartisan bill – the Strengthening Tribal Law Enforcement Act – was introduced in the Senate earlier this year, which would allow the BIA to increase the minimum pay for law enforcement officers. Starting pay for agency cops currently is $46,000; correctional officers start at around $40,000. Cherry said that pay could increase by as much as $30,000.⇜


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1812J0630222KCR⊠LOS ANGELES (AP) — The "giant pothole" that Arnold Schwarzenegger said he recently filled on a street in his Los Angeles neighborhood was actually a trench that had been dug for utility work, according to the city.◈JAN1N969D-1▤With Voyager 2's power supply dwindling, NASA was about to shut down one of its five science instruments onboard the spacecraft. To keep it going, engineers had already sacrificed heaters and other nonessential parts that drained power. But engineers have now found a way to tap reserve power from a safety mechanism that regulates the spacecraft's voltage.☀


✌The concerns expressed "have been taken very seriously and as a result, effective immediately, the Kiwi Encounter will no longer be offered," the zoo added.▧105R-331JS♠In their shop, Belloni showed us the Bauta costume, of which the Volto mask plays a key part in concealing identity – perfect for a night out gambling or at the theater without becoming the target of gossip.♭C315C220K3G5TA7301¤"The continued use of the death penalty by the Singaporean government is an act of flagrant disregard for international human rights norms and casts aspersion on the legitimacy of Singapore's criminal justice system," the statement said.⇢CAS21C152KARFC◐Media industry analysts viewed WWE as an attractive target given its global reach and loyal fanbase, which includes everyone from minors to seniors and a wide range of incomes.★

☈Record enrollment over the last two years brought more consumers into the health insurance market. At the same time, many insurers began offering smaller networks of doctors and hospitals, partly to be price competitive.↾C0402C332K5REC7411卐Sara Nelson, the international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, says the reason cabin crews suffer most of the injuries is pretty straightforward. "We're checking on other people having their seat belts on. We're in the middle of a service. We're preparing for the next service in the galley with a 300-pound cart," she says.▣

↮"We think he will help reduce the flow of drugs in our area and reduce property crimes," Miller said. "We felt like he was a good candidate to help us in our county."♧

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