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➳The app won him national recognition, a trip to D.C., and a speech on behalf of his peers. It's one of many efforts under way to use AI to help young people with their mental health and to better identify when they're at risk.×2225J0500682GFR↝If the individual or group responsible for these services is truly based in Ethiopia, it will require a lot of coordination between different elements of government and law enforcement between both countries to try to investigate.➦C1210S473K2RACTU☪--that, once this happened, the U.S. would lift the sanctions against Iraq that were strangling his economy; and1206J0160682JXR㊣NEW YORK — A parking garage collapsed Tuesday in lower Manhattan's Financial District, killing one worker, injuring five and crushing cars as concrete floors fell on top of each other like a stack of pancakes, officials said.☝

♦After a week of being transferred to three different Oklahoma hospitals, Statton says her doctors actually suggested she leave the state and go to a place where an abortion is legal.▼RL0607-820-R→Tokyo and Seoul have been working to repair relations that were strained over wartime history disputes as they deepen three-way security cooperation with Washington in response to growing regional threats from North Korea and China.큐

▌"A lot depends on what Trump says and what the judge thinks when he's in a position of whether he has to do something binding," Volokh said. "It's very hard to tell because it's a matter of discretion."✍


⇤"While we are still determining the validity of those documents, I have directed our military and intelligence community to take steps to further secure and limit distribution of sensitive information, and our national security team is closely coordinating with our partners and allies," he said.→NTHS5402T1▉Mage joined Justify (2018), Big Brown (2008) and Regret (2015) as Derby winners with just three previous starts.☭CDR32BP102BJNM\W╬"What's left," Sen says, "is a few major [digital] outlets that are independent. If this trend continues, the future is grim for Indian democracy."ⓛDMTH4004LPSQ-13☁George Bulls, a lawyer for Willie Brown, asked the state investigator if there were at least some statements about one of the deceased individuals, Corbin Holston, being the one who started the shooting.◣

◈American and its rival airlines all say they're much better prepared for this summer than last. They've all gone on a hiring spree, with passenger airlines adding nearly 4,500 employees just in March alone.♦1808Y0500470FFT☼The win by Protasiewicz comes at a pivotal time for the court, and for the Democratic voters who carried her to office. Justices are all but certain to hear a challenge to Wisconsin's pre-Civil War abortion ban, and with a liberal majority, they're likely to consider a lawsuit that could overturn Wisconsin's Republican-drawn legislative maps.☺

◦“Now there is no more ‘laters’ and no more 'I love yous’,” Grant said, sobbing.☪

☼Analysts Giacomo Romeo and Lloyd Byrne at Jefferies said in a research note that the new cuts should allow for "material" reductions to OPEC inventory earlier than expected and could validate recent warnings from some traders and analysts that demand for oil is weakening.♝

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