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⇄The event is set to begin Monday at the Roland-Garros stadium in Paris and run to June 11.↿IPI052NE7N3G↻Despite professing an interest in fairness, Musk appears to have run afoul of Twitter's own guidelines in giving NPR a label that can harm its credibility.☚1S954-T1-AZ➜Kilicdaroglu, for his part, campaigned on promises to reverse crackdowns on free speech and other forms of democratic backsliding, as well as to repair an economy battered by high inflation and currency devaluation.░0603J1000390KQT⇉The shooting happened in Cleveland, an 8,000-person town northeast of Houston.◢

➯Tensions mounted between choir members, especially Charlotte and Eleanor Xiniwe. The two got into an altercation; the former was charged with assault and had to pay a fine.ღJANTXV1N970BUR-1♥As an astronomer — not an astrologer — I have to tread carefully when it comes to zodiac signs.☣


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SVC230-TB-EDana Ferguson is Minnesota Public Radio's politics reporter, Bente Birkeland is Colorado Public Radio's public affairs reporter, Scott Maucione is WYPR's health reporter, Rick Pluta is Michigan Public Radio's managing editor and state Capitol bureau chief, Colin Jackson is Michigan Public Radio's capitol bureau reporter and Acacia Squires is NPR's States Team editor.▶GRM2197U2A471JZ01D▎The fights include everything from suing educators who enforced mask mandates, to demanding vaccination status be made a protected class, like race or sexual orientation. Thousands of lawsuits pushing back against public health measures have been filed since the pandemic.☆

☂"Consumers are now forced to accept that more children will be crushed to death in tip-over accidents," Trumka said, estimating that at least one child will die from a tip-over every year due to the discrepancy between the two standards.₪

The majority of Nashville's 40-member council have already vowed to reappoint Jones, according to NBC News — with some signaling their intention to do so before the council meeting was even called.◆


✲The coronation is costing taxpayers the equivalent of about $125 million.➼BZX84W-C10X↽They describe a dire situation in the city, with no electricity, water or medicine, as they cower amid the brutal urban warfare going on in their residential neighborhoods.☋1808YA250271JXTPY2▓And it might rain.▏C1812C272F5HAC7800§For what it's worth, we were mostly right on the missile judgment.☽

▨Vanzeir added that he would accept any suspension, fine or counseling handed down and that he would "use this opportunity to better myself, reflect and dedicate my time and efforts to work with organizations that tackle racial injustice."⇔C0603C689B5HACAUTOのHere's a guide to what we know.▋


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