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ASPI-0412S-3R3N-T3⊞It was a stark example of how threats to democracy are, and have always been, rooted and wrapped up in race and racism, says Khalil Gibran Muhammad, professor of race, history, and public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School.♦BCP53◐"The only thing that we can do when you all, you men in the chamber, metaphorically keep slapping women by raising abortion again and again and again, is for us to slap you back with our words," she said.


☪It wasn't until Reynolds began reviewing her mother's bank statements that she realized Lewis-Thorpe — once a hospital administrator — had long been in the grip of the disease.ⓔGCG21BR71E105JA12K✍"This is a very, very important year because of the dangerous threat to peace that comes from Russia invading Ukraine," Scholz said.↲APT45M100J↣The increase in violence has led abortion-rights advocates to worry that more violence could be coming if the fringes of a fragmented anti-abortion movement become impatient with judicial and political efforts to ban and restrict abortion. Meanwhile, anti-abortion activists worry that vandalism committed at pregnancy resource centers over the past year is an indication that abortion-rights advocates could escalate into violence if states further tighten abortion access.◘CDEP145NP-5R0MC-140⇛The Patriot batteries will complement a variety of air defense systems that both the U.S. and NATO partners have pledged to Ukraine, as it faces an evolving barrage of missiles and drones against its civilian population and infrastructure from Russia in the nearly 11-month-old conflict. In the last few months Germany has pledged four IRIS-T air defense systems; the U.S. has also pledged eight mid-range National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems, or NASAMS, and Avenger air defense systems.▷

⇒Most Americans don't seem to buy his rhetoric, but Trump's done a pretty good job convincing GOP voters of his baseless allegations, helping to insulate himself from potential attacks from rivals in a GOP primary.✉VJ0805D1R5BEBAT◦Nagwa Khalid Hamad, age 66, died last Sunday when a mortar collided with her home in Sudan's capital, Khartoum. Hamad was an ophthalmologist beloved by her patients. She was also a wife and mother of four. She is one of at least 400 people killed since conflict erupted last Saturday.◘


◄The balloon is not going to run out of fuel, since it has solar panels. The official also said that the balloon steers by rudder and is corkscrewing around to slow its progress over land, but the jet stream continues to move it on a trajectory across the U.S. The Pentagon is still considering ways to "dispose" of it but has "grave concerns" about the damage it could cause if it fell to Earth.❤VJ0805D820FXAAT⇅The president has appointed a record level of racially diverse judges, including the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson. He's also secured close to $6 billion in funding for historically Black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, though that's still $39 billion short of what he'd promised.♞1206Y1K50151MXT❤They usually make about $6 a day – compared to $3 to $4 for the women who stay on the island's coast.●0805Y2000392KDT❁Mark Butler, the Australian health minister, said on Tuesday that vaping had been advertised to the public as a therapeutic product meant to help smokers quit but instead spawned a new generation of nicotine users, particularly young people.▬

☾A previous version of this story misspelled the town of Hampden, Maine.⋄2225J0100470FCT➛"Doing a live show you have to be at the top of your game and quick to react. And as one gets older, then things start to get more challenging," he told People magazine shortly afterward. "I haven't fallen asleep or started dribbling yet on the show, so I thought it's best to go before I start to do so!"↪


〓Netflix rebranded the rental service as — a prosaic name that was settled upon after Hastings floated the idea of calling it Qwikster, an idea that was widely ridiculed. The DVD service has been operating from a non-descript office in Fremont, California, located about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from Netflix's sleek campus in Los Gatos, California.⇐R9G20411ASOO▌The A's hope to break ground next year on a new stadium with a seating capacity of 30,000 to 35,000, team President Dave Kaval told The Associated Press.⇙0805J0250181KCT➢The Houston office of the South Korean Consulate told The Dallas Morning News that one of Kyu Song Cho and Cindy Cho's children was also killed in the shooting.⇜M39003/01-8353/TRˍCotham has spoken out for abortion rights in the past and even earlier this year co-sponsored a bill to codify abortion protections into state law. Rep. Ted Davis of Wilmington — another targeted legislator — was the only Republican absent from last week's initial House vote. The Senate margin already became veto-proof after GOP gains last November.⇤

☌Earlier, Mace had criticized the proposal, pushing for a commitment from GOP leadership on a plan to reduce the deficit over time. After her meeting with the speaker, she said he assured her Republicans would work in the future towards a balanced budget.◊C322C271JCG5TA☝In addition to noncitizens, this simulated count produced higher numbers than the 2020 census for: males, children under age 15, adults ages 25 to 64, Black and white people who do not identify as Hispanic, and Latinos.➘


•The Ozanam Center shelter sits just five miles from the migrant encampments in Matamoros, Mexico, where thousands of migrants are waiting for Title 42 to expire. The pandemic-era public health order, set to be lifted this week, allows the U.S. to expel migrants without considering asylum.⇀CGA5C2C0G1H822J060AA▲Thousands of Sudanese have fled fighting in Khartoum and elsewhere, U.N. agencies said, but millions are sheltering in their homes amid explosions, gunfire and looting without adequate electricity, food or water.➙IMC1812BN220K▤With Monday night's win in Houston, four of UConn's five men's championships have been won in the state of Texas.⇐MA105C223JAA-BULK▃Colleagues at the other end of a long work table rub away dust and grime, using soft cloths and careful circular motions on the leather of the fragile objects. The shoes are then scanned and photographed in a neighboring room and catalogued in a database.♖

㊣He added: "The safety of civilians in [the] vicinity of our training is always our number one concern."♀PE-0805CD101GTT◈Williams later appeared in the series Boardwalk Empire, The Night Of and Lovecraft Country. Over his career, he earned five Emmy nominations. Williams was open about his personal struggles with drug addiction.⇃

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