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☃Trump is the frontrunner in the Republican presidential field ahead of the November 2024 election.☾1206Y1000152MXTE03☍The same sergeant, Josh Evans, texted in reference to the arrest of a Black suspect, "I'll bury that N*&*er in my fields."♜C1206C103KMRECAUTOぃSo when there is even just a moderate level of background noise, like traffic or a truck idling, our brains process more slowly. Kraus uses the analogy of a DJ sitting at a mixing board in your brain, assessing and adjusting sounds that come in all day long. The more that DJ has to do, the less operating power is available for your brain, making it harder to process new information.☋2220Y0500821FFRぃO'Neill, age 43, served as Assistant Director for Embark Outdoors, a nonprofit facilitating outdoor sports and education for refugee women and girls.⇥

↔Context to know: DeSantis and the bill’s supporters say the overhaul is needed to protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits and paying excessive damages. The American Tort Reform Foundation for many years listed Florida as a “judicial hellhole.”☃2220J3K00221JCT✐The choice of Twitter as the platform to announce a presidential run is notable. The social media giant was once the favorite platform of former President Donald Trump, who spent two years banned from the site before having his account reinstated earlier this year. He has not tweeted since his reinstatement.♩

★The center-right National Coalition Party (NCP) headed by Petteri Orpo eked out a victory with 20.8% of the vote. The Finns, the country's right-wing populist party, won 20.1% of the vote. And Marin's party, the center-left Social Democrats (SDP), garnered just 19.9%.✲

☀The selection comes a week after Chicago elected a new Democratic mayor, and in neighboring Wisconsin, the state supreme court flipped in favor of liberals for the first time in 15 years.◦

☁On a basic level, the new law makes it very difficult for Russians — mostly men but also women with specialized skills — to avoid being drafted or conscripted.§


↶Vida Blue, a left-handed pitcher who helped lead the Oakland Athletics to three World Series championships in a row from 1972 to 1974 and made six All-Star teams, died Saturday at age 73, according to his family and Major League Baseball.§MA0402CG9R1D100♛Sports journalist Holly Rowe called on people to stop bashing the players, no matter whose side they took.▪199D335X9010A1V1✿In an email to NPR, Jordan Jewell, a 21-year-old passenger aboard that flight, recounted how two flight attendants "hit the ceiling head first" during one of the drastic altitude changes. Jewell later noticed that one of them left "a massive dent in the ceiling of the plane."△1812Y0160123JXT◎The attorneys, Steven Raiser and Thomas Kenniff, said that "when Mr. Neely began aggressively threatening Daniel Penny and the other passengers, Daniel, with the help of others, acted to protect themselves, until help arrived."☭

➥But in the late 1960s, Douglas was pursued again by members of Congress upset with his lifestyle and cultural interests as well as his judicial rulings. One of his chief antagonists was a Republican congressman from Michigan named Gerald R. Ford, who would later be Nixon's vice president and then his successor.♪FDH300A◧MILWAUKEE, Wis. — For about a dozen years, Republican lawmakers have set Wisconsin's policies on everything from voting laws, to gun rights, to union restrictions; for the last decade, conservatives on the state Supreme Court have protected those Republican priorities.⊠


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