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➸"The van driver wouldn't come to our street as we live in one of the hot zones near the airport road so the night before we had to sneak between small streets to a different neighborhood."⇀1812J0630180JCTღThohir said as a member of FIFA, Indonesia had little choice but to accept the decision.♧GA0603H392MXAAP31G♥It said permitting any person to change their gender in accordance with his or her inner feeling or self-perceived identity will create "serious religious, legal and social problems."★NTE2690£All three workers were taken to a hospital, none of them with life-threatening injuries, after part of the courthouse's third floor gave way and the workers tumbled down to the floor below, said Savannah Fire Battalion Chief Wayne Ifill. Everyone else inside the building was accounted for and not injured, he said.◐

▨Speaking to reporters Tuesday in Ghana as part of his multi-nation trip to Africa and Singapore, Kishida said he hopes to visit May 7-8 and exchange views with Yoon on ways to speed up the bolstering of bilateral ties and discuss regional and global issues.◆C0805C331F4HAC7800▨"It is apparent from the actions of the State of Florida, that it intends to consider drag shows to be a public nuisance, lewd, disorderly, sexually explicit involving public exposure and obscene and that it is necessary to protect children from this art form, in spite of evidence to the contrary," the lawsuit says.✎


☠What it will do: Allow gun owners to carry a concealed firearm without a permit or proof of training — what’s dubbed “constitutional carry” by supporters.⇡SB540L-6314E3/72♧Carrie Fisher brought sparkle wherever she went, her daughter Billie Lourd said Thursday — even flinging glitter at Star Wars fans she met at conventions. So Lourd brought some with her to the unveiling of Fisher's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, sprinkling some across it after the ceremony.✂C420C821FAG5TA◊As the game got heated, so did the taunts from fans for the rival school, Stuart W. Cramer. It wasn't long before all of the most cliched Native American caricatures and stereotypes came out, she says: the hand-over-mouth war whoop, the "tomahawk chop" and "twirling around in a circle like a war dance."⇪LQP02TN0N7B02D▀When someone makes a dramatic claim that vaccines are killing millions, it's their burden to show the evidence, said Morris, not the other way around.☢

▍Last week, DeSantis signed into law a ban on gender-affirming care for minors, restrictions on discussion of "preferred pronouns" in schools and restrictions on using bathrooms that don't match one's assigned sex at birth.↾0805J5000332MXR£"I couldn't fathom putting myself in that situation [but] he was a cut above a lot of people when it comes to morals and sense of duty," Rumsey said.✌


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C0603C123J8JAC7867➘"I'm doing absolutely all of the work that I would do in a full writers room, and I'm paid a fraction of my normal quote," one writer recently told Indie Wire.▫MMBT3904-TP┱Erdogan is still popular, and has consolidated power under his presidency, but many Turks want a change. Human rights advocates have documented widespread arrests and purges of civil servants, journalists, activists, academics and others.▣

◐PEN galas have long been a combination of literature, politics, activism and celebrity, with attendees ranging from Alec Baldwin to Sen. Angus King of Maine. Other honorees Thursday included "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels and the imprisoned Iranian journalist and activist Narges Mohammadi, who was given the PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write Award.➡

↵Harris touted the role of Georgia's two Democratic senators, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, in approving the climate law and pushing for provisions to boost solar.⇓


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