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→House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has released a legislative framework to raise the nation's debt limit for one year, while scaling back federal spending.➨


▦Not taking those other options led to self-reproach. For years, Chung couldn't afford to help her parents financially; worse, she could "barely afford to visit them." Her situation is not uncommon, as she points out in one of the book's sharpest passages: "In this country, unless you attain extraordinary wealth, you will likely be unable to help your loved ones in all the ways you'd hoped. You will learn to live with the specific, hollow guilt of those who leave hardship behind, yet are unable to bring anyone else with them."●VJ0603Q5R6BFBAI◇David, etched in marble between 1501 and 1504, is the main attraction at Florence's Galleria dell'Accademia. Another series of nude sculptures by Michaelangelo, referred to as prisoners or slaves, is also on display at the museum. The artist is known for many significant works of art, including the Sistine Chapel ceiling at the Vatican.▶511-34J↔The king will hold the Sovereign's Orb in his right hand during the service. It's a 17th-century golden sphere adorned with precious jewels and a cross on top, meant to represent the Christian world. Charles will also be presented with two scepters during his coronation: Both are golden rods. One is known as the Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross. It features a heart-shaped diamond nestled below a cross, symbolizing power and justice. The other features a dove and is known as the Rod of Equity and Mercy.♧1206J0500330KCT◐The reporter then asked if he agreed with that assumption. "I agree that we should not be characterizing Trump supporters as white nationalists," he said.➧

☺The English pop star's cheerful attitude on display under questioning from his attorney, Ilene Farkas, all but vanished under cross examination.∴0603J0630270FCT★"Between Netflix cracking down on password sharing and Max locking you out of your HBO Max account, what an incredible day for the limitless possibilities of streaming!" one user tweeted.↦


☣NPR White House correspondents Tamara Keith contributed to this report.✒UP2SC-1R5-R▦In retaliation, Israeli warplanes struck sites allegedly linked to the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza and southern Lebanon.↔JANTXV1N3823DUR-1☁It's worse than you imagine. Nearly every new thing coming out of a university is too early to help anyone who has cancer now. Worse, nearly everything fails. If that sounds jaded, I'm sorry. This is oncologists' lived reality.◘1812J0630270JFRのRaids by Israeli police on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the most holy Muslim site in Jerusalem, have triggered a spike in violence that continued to spiral in recent days, drawing several regional actors into a deadly back-and-forth.▣

♠"We had to add an extra meeting because we realized that it's not just nurses that need support, it's actually the entire health care team," says Paredes.▕PHP225,118-NXP☻The legal conference drew a mix of people who've advocated against vaccines for years before the pandemic, and those, like Kirsch, who are more recent converts. He said he actually got two Moderna shots when COVID vaccines became available.♡

§It works like this: Student athletes can now enter the portal and ask to change colleges. When they do that, their school has the right to rescind or reduce their scholarship, even if they don't leave.↯


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1808AA560JAT1A£At one City Council meeting last year, Cross recalled, he stood toe-to-toe with the man he thought he recognized from one of the police body cam videos circulating on the internet, showing officers standing around while children were being killed.➹592D337X96R3C2T20H➹The car reversed, sideswiped him and ran over his right foot, Caccavale said, which was when he drew his Smith & Wesson Shield handgun and fired several shots toward the tires. He told police he wanted to disable the vehicle.▩


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