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GA0402Y331JXJAP31G❣Villi long claimed in videos posted on social media and in court documents that vibrations, noises and emissions from the building's electrical room under his unit were making him sick, and that board members and the building's developer were to blame.卐C0603C432G3JAC7867♖We have also had a number of presidents whose actions against enemies around the world, real or perceived, have led various international entities and authorities to label them "war criminals." Rumors for years have said former President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney were unable to travel overseas because of warrants for their arrest. This is not true.▯


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RDER73A473K4M1H03A♭The manufacturer of a generic form of the abortion pill mifepristone is suing the Food and Drug Administration in an effort to preserve access as federal litigation threatens to overturn the FDA's approval of the drug.♭AISC-1008HQ-56NJ-T↑While the Khwaja Sira community has been visible in Pakistan for a long time, "now the visibility is becoming nuanced and transgressive and positive," for many reasons besides Joyland, like the trans bill, Sadiq says. "The thankfully changing discourse does bring an unease and discomfort with it which is unfortunate, but that's how conservative societies battle with progressive ideas and elements. It is a long road ... hopefully ... the upcoming steps will not be this uneasy and fearful."↔

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TACR226M010XTA✥The nonprofit watchdog Integrity Florida said recently that the governor was traveling on a state plane to attend events that resembled campaign rallies, the Orlando Sentinel reported. The group's research director, Ben Wilcox, accused DeSantis of "really blurring the lines between what is considered campaign activity and his public duties of the office," a charge the governor's office denied.↕CZRF52C2V4-HF➺Harrison is a cardiac hospital nurse during the day, a job that sometimes feels a little too stuck to a clock.▮


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TH3C106M016D1400♦On Tuesday, he wrote in a since-deleted post, "Little girl got a pass. Do not ring doorbell. Please," along with a link to an Inside Edition story on the shooting of Yarl. He shared that same link in another post that said, "my 6 is right over there. ... I know the Fulton County police chief."◙VJ0402V223MXJCW1BC☁The alert said the teens were last seen Monday at 1:22 p.m. in Henryetta, and advised that "both are possibly traveling in a white Chevy Avalanche with Jesse McFadden."➪

☝So this case in New York is just a prelude of what the country could see — and the charges Trump could face.⇚


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