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↗But modern times and modern problems have made it harder to succeed in this old-fashioned occupation. A growing number of marine heat waves are causing a dropoff in the types of seaweed they gather. What's more, the government now prohibits seaweed extraction in some areas to promote ocean health.◊


ⓛA lesser-known peak in western Oregon's Umpqua National Forest was renamed Mount Halo after residents suggested a change to the moniker.❒2225Y0160471JCR→Each morning I start my day by saying, "God, how may I serve?" I am a registered nurse working at the VA Medical Center in Washington, D.C. I believe that people are here to be of service to each other — to help, guide, comfort and support those we encounter along the way. Whatever the act of service I provide, the return is so much more. -Christine Grant, Washington, D.C.☠C0805C222G4GACTUˍBasketball veteran Carmelo Anthony is retiring from the NBA after playing 19 seasons, making 10 All-Star teams and becoming the No. 9 all-time scorer in the league, he announced Monday.✉FA14X7S2A105KRU00▃"Today's announcement shows that once again, Ireland is trailblazing in the area of public health legislation," Morrogh said in a statement. "Signing the labelling regulations into law is a clear statement that reducing preventable disease is a priority for Government."↻

★As much as Lone Women is a horror novel, it's also a western, and LaValle's take on the genre is refreshing. He centers the book around women and people of color — it's a welcome antidote to the westerns of the past, where the heroes were always white men, and anyone who wasn't one was either a villain or a supporting character.☢GBPC2502WTA⊙"Republic criticized the action in response to what they called⇗


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B82133A5301M❃The regional military administrator for Uman, Ihor Taburets, told reporters that three children were among 21 killed in the apartment building, with more likely to be found dead in the rubble.✉IXFN80N50Q2✄Yami-baito ads reel in pawns with promises like "Big money!", "Fast cash," and "Beginners welcome."✈

»"Antioch didn't look like this, but it does now," said Timothy Manly. "When everybody was fixing their issues in the '6os, Antioch didn't think that they'd have to." In the '60s, Antioch was almost entirely white. "You're just reaping what you sowed."⊡

⇒Sanina said she feels deep gratitude for the families of foreign volunteers, like the Campbells, who know the risk their loved ones are taking on in Ukraine.░


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