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のThe Paris prosecutor closed the case but after the families filed another complaint, an anti-terror judge was appointed to dig further into the case.➪


▩North Korea this month tested a new solid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, the latest addition to its growing nuclear arsenal. It has also revamped its nuclear doctrine to include the possibility of preemptive strikes.↳VJ0805A471KXXPW1BCⓥFortunately these multiplex tests are "getting down to a price point of a few dollars a test," says Bausch.卐MMSZ5227B-E3-18❦"I'm typically a very compromising person," the Oakland, Calif.-based author, who is Asian American, told NPR. "But when you omit the word racism from a story about the mass incarceration of a single group of people based on their race, there's no compromise to be had with that if you can't agree on basic facts."☁T627082064DN⇔"Most expulsions have involved criminal conduct or abusive behavior, not suppression of dissent or targeting of political opponents," state constitutional law expert Miriam Seifter told NPR in an email. "The Tennessee expulsions are therefore an extremely concerning outlier."☝

The center of Cyclone Mocha made landfall Sunday afternoon in Myanmar's Rakhine state near Sittwe township wind speeds up to 209 kilometers (130 miles) per hour, Myanmar's Meteorological Department said.◦C318C439CAG5TA7301▦Where Branigan does her most profound writing is when she digs deep into the politics of the apology and the purpose of reconciliation, deliberately pushing on the points that hurt.♐


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TM3B106M016LBA◆Greg Myre contributed reporting.♦1812Y1K00470FFT▶"Bennettsville used to be a more thriving community years ago," says Lowery's health care provider, nurse practitioner Pat Weaver. "With a lot of our plants leaving for, you know, overseas in the last 15-20 years really made a devastating impact. We used to have a hospital here and now we no longer have that. It is very poor."❏


♠If Republicans in the House pass McCarthy's plan, it faces an uphill battle in the Democratic-controlled Senate.➳0805J2004P70CQT☪The school's fifth title for its men's team ties it with Duke and Indiana. UCLA has 11 men's titles, the University of Kentucky has eight and North Carolina has six.↗ES3GHM6G▰Tse, dubbed Asia's "El Chapo" in reference to Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman's nickname, faces life imprisonment if convicted.◘ELJ-RG2N7DF☼In addition to Italy and Germany, arrest warrants were also served in Belgium, France, Portugal, Romania and Spain, while raids were also conducted in Slovenia.↣

♬But with armed resistance raging across the country, analysts say people in many areas are unlikely to vote and that they run the risk of reprisals if they do.✉1330R-56G▥The legal challenge against House Speaker Matt Regier and statehouse Sergeant-at-Arms Bradley Murfitt comes with just days left in the Legislature's biennial session.☣


⇁A tip: assistive equipment like foam wedges marketed for sexual activity can often be found for much cheaper at medical supply retailers or on Amazon marketed as "back support."⇘M39006/09-8291☁The driver of the striking vehicle, 25-year-old Jamie Komoroski, only briefly hit the brakes in the vehicle before crashing into the golf cart, police said.▇2225J0500123JFR↹If the move proceeds as planned, the A's will become just the second Major League Baseball franchise to move cities in more than 50 years.☼0805Y2000331KCT⚘GARY COHN: Good morning, Margaret.➹

◇This is a developing story. Some things reported by the media will later turn out to be wrong. We will focus on reports from police officials and other authorities, credible news outlets and reporters who are at the scene. We will update as the situation develops.↛Z1SMA10⊟"I would find it hard to believe that there was a two-hour high-speed chase," he said. "We will find out the exact duration of it. But if it's 10 minutes, a 10-minute chase is extremely dangerous in New York City"❤


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