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♀The new dress code restrictions for employees will replace the previous one outlined by the state agency's employee handbook, The Observer reported. The original dress code made no references to "biological gender."↻


☀They quickly realized their mistake and were turning the car around when Monahan stepped onto his porch and fired two shots, one of which struck Gillis.큐1812SA270JAT1A\SB⇔Griffiths told me the results were astonishing. Not only did the drug reduce anxiety and depression in patients, for some of them it unlocked a spiritual experience.♂C410C369D3G5TA7200☽Sheeran appeared self deprecating as he told his story, saying: "I can't read music. I'm not classically trained in anything."➟IPLK80R1K4P7ATMA1⇋Those would include a condemnation of former Gov. Peter Hardeman Burnett, the state's first elected governor and a white supremacist who encouraged laws to exclude Black people from California.☎

↕"We support rail, but we support rail if they're doing all their best to mitigate their emissions," Andasan said.❁1812Y2000334KXT➚“You’ve got to remember they have security teams and adoring fans,” Polak said. “Sometimes we just have a split second to serve them, and you have to be precise.”▍


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1808J1K20152JXR☚After Russia switched its focus to the Donbas following a botched attempt to seize Kyiv early in the February 2022 invasion, Moscow's troops tried to take Bakhmut in August but were pushed back.▒2225J4K00680FCT◦Speaking after the G-7 concluded, Biden repeated his accusations that Republicans were to blame for the deadlock. "It's time for the other side to move off extreme positions because much of what they've already proposed is simply, quite frankly, unacceptable" he said.•


♨"Ms. Holmes's misrepresentations to Theranos investors involved more than just whether Theranos technology 'worked as promised,'" the court's opinion says. "Ms. Holmes had also made several misrepresentations...such as those regarding the company's financial status, reliance on third-party and commercially available devices, partnership with Walgreens, and validation by pharmaceutical companies."☺IPD082N10N3GBTMA1❈In addition, prosecutors on Monday announced that eight Chinese government officials who are believed to be currently living in China were charged with directing an employee of a U.S. telecommunications company to remove Chinese dissidents from the company's platform.۰SQCAVM101JATME™British television personality Robert Rinder described Goodman as "a rare gentleman: Kind, charming, exacting, encouraging & danced like a dream."↞1111Y6300110KQT□"Our policy is to recycle handles that are definitively dormant," Musk wrote in another email. "Same policy applies to all accounts. No special treatment for NPR."↶

↶"Transitions matter. That's the first lesson learned here," he said.↿GRM1555C1H5R6DZ01JのAccording to the New York Law Journal, Merchan has been an acting justice of the New York Supreme Court since 2009.×


ぃ"It's a critical moment in our time for nurses. The country needs nurses. We are very short and we are feeling very worried about the future of their work," Hopkins said.♈CC0603GRNPOABN150◢Since the fighting in Ukraine began Feb. 24, 2022, Ukrainian authorities have refrained from claiming responsibility for various fires, explosions and apparent assassinations in Russia. At the same time, officials in Kyiv have jubilantly greeted such events and insisted on Ukraine's right to launch attacks in Russia.✉1825Y1K50471JCR▣"Just digging deep, honestly," Griner said. "I know this sounds so small, but, you know, dying in practice and hard workouts. You find a way to just grind it out. Just put your head down and just keep moving forward. You know, you can never stand still."♨0603J0630101JXR○Coronado is heard on a body camera saying: “Oh no, oh no.” But the available body-camera footage does not show him relaying this information to anyone else. Unbeknown to Coronado, his 10-year-old cousin, Xavier Lopez, was inside, struggling to stay alive from multiple gunshot wounds.™

☁There have already been 190 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The group defines a mass shooting as any event in which there were four or more victims, excluding the shooter.♝GA1812Y274KBAAR31G☀Lee, 27, a freelance illustrator who has been commissioned by Google, Lego and the band Japanese Breakfast, is based in Brooklyn, N.Y. In 2018, they worked at NPR as an illustration intern. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.£

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