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♂He's also become increasingly repressive — especially after a 2016 coup attempt — with his government jailing journalists, critics and thousands of perceived opponents. Tens of thousands have been purged from government jobs, suspected — often without evidence — of supporting the coup attempt. He stacked the courts with his choices, and even replaced elected mayors in some cities with his loyalists.♨


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0603J1500470FQT←"Police spokesperson Resila Onyango said the motive was not yet known.↻GJM0335C2A7R3BB01D⇈Indeed, in a society living through the trauma of war, the public debate often gets overheated, and it is easy to be labeled a "bad" citizen. Those who leave face moral scrutiny over their choice, and those who stay in towns on the front lines — and especially those who have lived under the Russian occupation — are stigmatized as possible collaborators and enemy sympathizers.◇


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08051U180GAT2A↮In December, the army agreed to hand power back to a civilian-led government this month, but the plan has been held back by tensions between the army and RSF over who should lead and become de facto head of state prior to elections.✍1206J1K50120KCR►In the last two weeks, dozens have died or were left missing after attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Tunisia.✯


↪The requests for more money to fund elections is a bipartisan issue, too. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, asked state budget writers for more money to cover the cost of an absentee ballot tracking service, data for polling place check-in tablets and $4 million to replace heavy battery backup power supplies for voting machines.⊞CWR29JH106KBEC▧"It's an important change, it's not a revolution," said Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, a top organizer of the synod.▁VJ1206Y471KLLAJ32↣"He was required to work Saturday, Sundays and holidays, and now he doesn't want to work half the days he was hired to work," Sotomayor said.▫1130-182K✒Before she received Scholastic's apology, Tokuda-Hall said that, whether or not the publisher apologizes, her "greatest fear is that this is a momentary flurry of outrage, but nothing changes. And other creators are asked to make horrible choices like this going forward in the dark."↰

▦"The thing with Jalen that I'm so optimistic about is he's just got this incredible – I'm not telling you anything you don't know here, but seeing him virtually every day, he's got an incredible passion for being phenomenal," Eagles CEO Jeffrey Lurie said recently.◦1PMT5921BT1☀MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Democrats have scored a major off-year election victory in Wisconsin, winning the state's open supreme court seat and flipping control of the court to liberals for the first time in 15 years.☼

▓"Security saw a disagreement between a Black man and a white woman and immediately assumed that I was at fault," he added.★


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