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C0402C471G4JAC7867↝The cause of the fire is still being investigated, according to officials in Beijing. But they said they believe it originated from welding sparks from construction in the hospital's inpatient wing.✿1210Y2500393JXT×"During our match on Saturday, I made a decision that I thought was best given the information I had at that moment," Struber said.↗


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CL10B332KB8NFNC✚Lawmakers will introduce a bill in coming weeks that would end an exemption for Disney parks when it comes to ride inspections by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, DeSantis said at a news conference near Disney World.✏S0603-10NF2C⇖Residents across Guam faced flooding, torn roofs, downed trees and power outages after the Category 4 storm battered the Pacific U.S. territory from Wednesday into Thursday. The local government’s islandwide damage assessments remain underway, but by sunrise Thursday, Mawar was considered one of the worst storms to slam the island in decades, officials said.■

❤When it comes to Wilt's actions, it may be a while until the public hears the full story.➚


●But like everything else with Trump, without enforcement, suggested protocols are just those — suggestions.▥SBRT4U10LP-7❀Neely shouted that he was fed up, that he didn't care if he went to prison and that he was ready to die, Vazquez wrote. Neely then took off his jacket and aggressively threw it on the subway-car floor, but did not appear to want to attack anyone, according to the journalist. Then, a white 24-year-old passenger on the train put Neely in a headlock and held him in the position for 15 minutes, Vazquez said. Two other bystanders also stepped in to help the man restrain Neely.♤2225J0500392FFR➹The school's fifth title for its men's team ties it with Duke and Indiana. UCLA has 11 men's titles, the University of Kentucky has eight and North Carolina has six.▤2220Y0160223GCT⇥New Mexico State Police are still investigating the incident, but the fatal shooting of the 52-year-old is just the latest example of police using lethal force against civilians in a state where this happens too frequently, critics say.➲

↕The reaction to the Paralympics TikTok videos has been overwhelmingly negative — but not entirely so. Those who run the account, and some of the athletes who have been featured on it, say it's an important way to increase visibility.♀2220J0250151JCT↢The mother of a 6-year-old who shot his teacher in January in Virginia has been charged with felony child neglect, the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney said Monday.↛

➡Trump, who is scheduled to hold a campaign event Thursday in Manchester, New Hampshire, is not expected to appear at the trial. Jurors are expected to see parts of a videotaped deposition he gave in the case.◇

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