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↯"They want to use Enrique Tarrio as a scapegoat for Donald Trump and those in power," Hassan added.◊


♂"An investigation has been opened. The probe is ongoing," he said, declining to provide further details.♥IMC1812EB27NM➴The issue was a personal one for Virginia Kase Solomón, CEO of the League of Women Voters of the United States. She said she was prescribed mifepristone when she experienced an ectopic pregnancy that needed to be terminated.⊿GRM1557U1HR20BZ01D☣Once young people sign up for black-market jobs, many find it hard to quit. Police say that crime bosses control recruits through coercion, including by threatening violence against family members.♦KSH31TF큐It's a concise shorthand for a practice that's sometimes legal: One person tries to persuade another through the use of cash or goods to keep quiet about something unsavory.⇎

⇀While public backlash against Native American stereotypes has pushed professional sports teams in Washington, D.C., and Cleveland, Ohio, to change their names, there remain countless high schools across the U.S. that continue to use Native American-themed mascots and logos.⊟2225Y0630330KFRIf the council chooses to do so, it could vote to appoint an interim successor as soon as Monday night, Shulman told Axios.卐


❂ →1825Y2000223KCT▉"There must be no talks with the terrorists other than about their unconditional surrender," Dugin said. "A victory parade must take place in Kyiv."⊞GMC21CG560G50NT⇂As the clock ticks down toward the early June deadline that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has set for when the government runs out money to pay its bills, some are floating the idea of a short-term extension of the debt limit.☣CKR24BR334KS-LL▒They all chose Carpool Karaoke, referencing Corden's most popular sketch where he drives around Los Angeles with celebrities and sing songs. Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder and Chris Martin are a few of his Carpool Karaoke passengers. The segment was such a hit that it spun-off into its own series for Apple. Corden only appeared in the debut episode with Will Smith in the car.卐

〓In Porter's superb first novel, Grief is the Thing With Feathers (2016), a father and his two young sons are unmoored by the sudden death of their mother. They find consolation in a big black crow that seems to have stepped out of the Ted Hughes poems the father is writing about for a scholarly book. This wise-cracking feathered friend takes up residence — metaphorical residence, at any rate — to help the grieving family navigate their loss.⇇0603J500P560CCR❂Another change is happening in the way companies localize global business.£

↯"I don't know whether to go through that river," she said. "It's not so much the river, it's the barbed wire."♣

✄"That's the trade-off," Williams says. "The airline saves fuel and passengers arrive early. But it might be a bumpy flight."☆


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