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0603Y0250120GCT▒Data shows a 12% rise in fatal crashes involving at least one distracted driver, with 3,522 people killed. That prompted the agency to kick off a $5 million advertising campaign in an effort to keep drivers focused on the road. Agency officials said such cases likely are under-reported by police.☃IRFR3707ZPBF♦"The move will enable the mission to postpone shutting down a science instrument until 2026, rather than this year," NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said this past week.♨

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↻From Israel's perspective, Hagari added, the operation was over. But he said it would react to further attacks by Islamic Jihad or any other militant group. "We have achieved our goals," he said. "Now the ball is on the other side."➟


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1840R-09K⇋The city council unanimously approved the settlements Thursday. John Pope will receive $7.5 million and Zoya Code will receive about $1.4 million. In Pope's case, Chauvin pleaded guilty to the charges against him in December 2021.⇈PLZ11B-HG3_A/H♛Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said rescue and forensics teams have been dispatched from Kyiv, added that it will take more than a day to search the ruins for more victims. So far, Ukraine's emergency service has managed to rescue 17 people.◎


ˍProponents of the measure have raised concerns about children changing their minds. Yet the evidence suggests detransitioning is not as common as opponents of transgender medical treatment for youth contend, though few studies exist and they have their weaknesses.☆PDTA143ZE/DG/B3115╬“I’m like, ‘Whoa,’” he told the Museum of Flight. “It reached in, grabbed my soul, never let go.”◐MJW16212⇏Learn more:▕VJ0805A2R2BXBAP❁Wood joked that no scandal has been more damaging than the scandal of: "Is Joe Biden awake?"卐

유It isn't just happening in Pennsylvania.✍GRM219R71C274MA01J┲On Friday, the Sudanese army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) agreed to extend a ceasefire for another 72 hours. Despite the supposed pause, heavy fighting has been reported in Khartoum and the western region of Darfur. The true death toll is likely to be much higher as civilians struggle to find health facilities.♥

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