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1825Y0160222FCR◑The question is, again, where is the evidence? Cancer drugs are special. State laws require insurance companies to pay for cancer drugs any time independent cancer guidelines say the drugs should be used. Even if the drug is not FDA-indicated for the cancer, so long as the evidence shows the drug works, insurance companies must pay. Leading oncologists update cancer guidelines whenever the evidence gets good enough.❀FQPF9N25↑Heavy rainfall in the Kalehe region of South Kivu province on Thursday caused rivers to overflow, causing landslides that engulfed the villages of Bushushu and Nyamukubi.▕


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SR1504HR0G⊙He said the U.S. has not seen any indication that China has made a decision on whether to provide weapons to Russia.CAS17C221FAGGC◦"We have a law in this country called the Hyde Amendment that says taxpayer money will not be used for abortions, because some people believe in it, some people don't. Again, this is a change in the policy from the White House," Tuberville said.유

◐Were it to simply have apologized — as the smaller right-wing network Newsmax did after its personalities made similar claims about Dominion — Fox would have acknowledged its biggest stars had been wrong to present Trump's claims of election fraud — and that they, the viewers, had been wrong to believe them.➺


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M39003/01-7164H⇏The coroner's report also listed "other specific conditions" including asthma, cardiomyopathy and phencyclidine use.➦GRM1556T1H9R3CD01D↔"Packaging of other food and drink products already contains health information and, where appropriate, health warnings. This law is bringing alcohol products into line with that," Donnelly added.✄


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JAN1N4127D-1↳"No, I don't remember," Aurora says.↘C0805X473K5JACAUTO►"It's the right thing to do and reflects President Biden's continued recognition of DACA recipients' dignity and contributions to our nation," Maribel Hernández Rivera, an American Civil Liberties Union deputy national political director, said in a statement.√


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