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↤Cobain was known to have destroyed multiple Fender Stratocasters during his career. This particular instrument was wrecked while Cobain and his band worked on their landmark album, Nevermind, in the early 1990s.↯1825J0630121JCR✉Going into the backstretch, Mage was ahead of just three horses. Castellano and Mage began picking off the competition and on the far turn launched their run.▫CDR01BP470BKWMAR▒"I would say they were engaged in an awkward dance, but they were listening to the same music," Eig said.☣CWR09MH685KP\TR♤But it was the text on the cover that best captured the crowdsourced mourning that would soon consume not just the city, but the nation.◫

√"We traveled 15 hours on land at our own risk," Suliman al-Kouni, an Egyptian student, said at the Arqin border crossing with Egypt. Buses lined up at the remote desert crossing carrying hundreds of people, he said. Al-Kouni was among dozens of Egyptian students making the trek. "But many of our friends are still trapped in Sudan," he said.➫1210Y1K08P20CAR◦Want more on infrastructure and the future? Listen to Consider This on how the EPA wants millions more electric vehicles on the roads.↝


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C0603C221K5HACAUTO➟If convicted of all of the federal charges, Murdaugh faces up to 150 years added on to his life sentence and fines up to $4.75 million.↑1210Y0630820GFR☺Harry Potter and his friends are coming back to screens in a new TV series, which will stream on a new service called Max, Warner Bros. Discovery announced. Each season of the decade-long show will be based on one book in the beloved series by author J.K. Rowling, and the cast will be entirely different from the films.Θ

▀After Chris Licht became CNN's CEO in 2022, Lemon left his prime-time slot at the network and joined daytime anchor Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, chief White House correspondent, to helm a new show, CNN This Morning. Colleagues described Lemon as convinced he was the primary host of the show - a conviction his co-hosts and network executives did not share. Collins, in particular, told friends at CNN that she felt Lemon was dismissive of her, and they had clashed off the air.▦

۰Rather than forcefully filtering everything through the lens of race, Muhammad says, "race always matters," even when people who are Black and brown deny its pervasive power.❀


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0805J0500152JCT♠She will also lead the Ronald W. Walters Speakers Series — which will bring speakers to the historically Black college on a range of diverse topics.↰CMSH2-60 TR13 PBFREE➻By September, only one family was still living in the city of Kharkiv.▌

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