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➼Such celestial events happen about once every decade: The last one was in 2013 and the next one isn't until 2031. They occur when Earth is in the "sweet spot" so the moon and the sun are almost the exact same size in the sky, said NASA solar expert Michael Kirk.◙2225Y1000562KFR➱"Following this tragic incident, 20 people... lost their lives and others are missing for which search efforts are ongoing," a spokesperson for the North Kivu governor said in a statement on Monday.۰C0805X152KMGEC7210◑"There just isn't this broader knowledge that each region has its own endemic fungal biodiversity. Death caps are not everywhere. They are native to some places [Europe], invasive in others [North America], and totally absent from other places." Pringle says.☺K681J15C0GF53H5↼A record 1,276 people died of drug overdoses in Philadelphia in 2021, the latest year data is available. Drug deaths nationwide now regularly top 100,000 fatalities per year.↗

◘She and Dustin ended up driving three hours to an abortion clinic in Kansas where she was able to get a D&C. She's now facing another surgery to remove more cancerous tissue, and she may need chemotherapy. Mentally, she says, it's been rough.❏C1608C0G1H010B◨The Shariah court ruled that the term "transgender" as it is used in the law creates confusion. It covers several biological variations, including intersex, transgender men, transgender women and Khawaja Sira, a Pakistani term commonly used for those who were born male but identify as female.❤


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2220J0500180FCT➵However, Williams' office discovered that many sentences did not fit the facts of the case. About 25% of the time, prosecutors have chosen to reduce an overly harsh sentence, resulting in less prison time. In another 65% of cases reviewed, prosecutors agreed to vacate part of a conviction in exchange for a guilty plea to the next lesser charge. In roughly 10% of cases, the office says it either sent it back for a retrial or vacated the sentence and dismissed the case because it became clear the person did not commit the crime.⊙ELC-15E272L⇉Parents of transgender children testified that the bill infringed on their parental rights to seek medical care for their children.▍

←Casiano also looked into donating the baby's organs. She thought, "Maybe this is why this is happening, because my baby can save another baby," she says. "I was told that anencephaly babies do not qualify to donate their organs. So I was like, 'OK, I don't see a purpose in this.'"┲


↥There were tough moments, like when she experienced "auditory hallucinations" and when a fly invasion left her completely covered. But Flamini says there were also "some very beautiful moments," and that staying present and in touch with her emotions helped her make it through.⊟0805Y0250393KXT⇏Analysts and financial leaders say safeguards are stronger since the 2008 global financial crisis and that banks worldwide have plenty of available cash and support from central banks. But concerns about risks to the deal, losses for some investors and Credit Suisse's falling market value could renew fears about the health of banks.⊙C4540H273KHGWCT050►The Senate panel had planned to hold a hearing on May 2 to examine what Durbin called "common sense proposals" to hold Supreme Court justices to the same ethical standards as the rest of the federal judiciary, and Durbin had invited Roberts "or his designate" to take part.▦GRM0225C1CR75BA03L☁On Wednesday, state media quoted the head of the ruling junta as saying that Myanmar's military would "work to hold elections," but no timescale was given and authorities extended the state of emergency for another six months, making any vote unlikely until at least mid-summer.♜

↝The U.S. Justice Department formed a Reproductive Rights Task Force after last year's Supreme Court decision, in part to bring more attention to anti-abortion violence and threats. Since 2011, the DOJ has prosecuted dozens of criminal and civil cases over obstructing access to, threatening, or damaging abortion clinics. It charged 26 people in 2022 — more than in the previous three years combined.▱2220J2000224JDT┲McCarthy stressed the two sides remain "apart" and that "nothing is agreed to here."➹

↑"Are we recriminalizing [people experiencing addiction]? Are we pushing forward policies that are going to harm more than help?"➙

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