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⇠Colombia has proposed transferring at least 70 of the animals to India and Mexico to control their population. Last month, officials said it would cost about $3.5 million to deport the hippos.◁

✁"There's a 62% chance that El Niño will develop during the May–July period, and more than 80% chance of El Niño by the fall," according to NOAA's Emily Becker.▩


✿Their Tuesday afternoon meeting came a week after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned lawmakers that without raising the debt ceiling, the government could run short of money to pay its bills as early as June 1.↣VJ1206Y272JLJAJ32♨Fantagio said Moon Bin's funeral will be held "as quietly as possible," with the attendance mostly limited to family, close friends and colleagues, based on the wishes of his relatives.⊙1111Y3007P50DQT⏎Pyatt said firefighters were called to the hostel at about 12:30 a.m. Emergency officials said the building had no fire sprinklers, which Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said was not required in New Zealand's building code for older buildings that would have to be retrofitted.☞CKC33C472FDGAC7800♣Enrique Tarrio and other leaders of the Proud Boys helped unleash a mob to stop certification of the 2020 election, part of a "fighting force lining up behind Donald Trump and ready to commit violence on his behalf," the Justice Department told a jury in Washington, D.C.☢

♛In their appeal, lawyers representing Danco wrote that Kacsmaryk's decision was "an unprecedented judicial assault on a careful regulatory process that has served the public for decades."⇉GRM1885C2A101FA01J♡Second, "not everybody has the rash," she explained, adding that "sometimes the rash is in an area that you can't easily see, like on the scalp."↘

✉"'Gasolina' definitely proved to the industry that this music is not only fun, but it is marketable," she said.♧


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HTPT66-122K⇑The move is the strongest signal yet that Pence is planning to officially challenge former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. Pence has been signaling his plan for months with campaign-style trips to early voting states including Iowa and New Hampshire.↦GRM21BC8YA106KE11K▎"They said they were 'workers in mining,'" he told CBS News. "No one in Egypt knows what mining coins is. We don't know anything about these things. We thought it was electronic investing — that they were like Amazon or Microsoft."➨

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