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ELC-15E221L▇Since it came to power six months ago, Giorgia Meloni's right-wing coalition government, which includes anti-migrant League leader Matteo Salvini, has cracked down on humanitarian rescue boats operating in the central Mediterranean north of Libya.❉1S954-T1-AZ♣This story was written with reporting that initially appeared in our live blog.♂

“As part of the scheme, the indictment alleges Murdaugh directed law firm employees to make settlement checks payable to ‘Palmetto State Bank.’ The checks were then delivered to Laffitte, whom Murdaugh directed to use the settlement funds for Murdaugh’s benefit,” prosecutors wrote. “The funds were used to pay off Murdaugh’s personal loans and for personal expenses and cash withdrawals.”☀

✯"It was a phenomenal ride," Whitson said after reaching orbit. Her crewmates clapped their hands in joy.▨


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GA1206Y154JXBBR31G↰Iran similarly summoned the British ambassador after the execution.➮1812Y5000182MDR↝Hong Kong returned to China's rule in 1997 under the promise that the former British colony could retain its own political, social, and financial institutions for 50 years. Critics say the promise is becoming increasingly threadbare in recent years after the enactment of the security law in 2020.☪


▦"The president has to walk a very narrow line," said Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus. "This is a nonstarter for so many of us. We're hearing from people in our districts who are suffering with the highest levels of hunger we've seen in quite some time — since COVID times — so no, this is not a time for us to be instituting work requirements."❖JANTX1N4121DUR-1☪Conditions were expected to improve but some health impacts to residents, particularly those at higher risk, were still possible through Sunday afternoon, Colorado officials added.유TAP106J006CCS✲“To fly this jet, and fly it well, meant establishing a personal relationship with a fusion of titanium, fuel, stick and throttles,” Maj. Shul wrote in “Sled Driver: Flying the World’s Fastest Jet.” “It meant feeling the airplane came alive and had a personality all her own.”♧CWR09FH336KCG↽Earlier, the U.S. said it would support transferring advanced fighter jets, including U.S.-made F-16s, to Ukraine. Washington would also help train Ukrainian pilots to fly them, in a major decision that could see other nations follow suit.♨

☁By midmorning Thursday, Concepcion felt relieved, though. The worst had passed.✒S1008-101K◧The crash is the second accident involving military helicopters in Alaska this year.★

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