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1N756ABULK☻She has a prior engagement with a 4-year-old.↞C315C101G1G5TA⇈The civil rights movement, organized labor and women's rights advocates have also relied on a potent mix of court battles and ground campaigns to sway public sentiment.➞

☻The verdict came after a two-week trial that featured a courtroom performance by Sheeran as the singer insisted, sometimes angrily, that the trial was a threat to all musicians who create their own music.❑


☆The collision at Lafayette Square and 16th Street around 9:40 p.m. Monday occurred just steps from the White House.◙C318C681F3G5TA◘But the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a U.S. trade group that represents major automakers including Ford and BMW, criticized the bill, calling the AM radio mandate unnecessary.▍2225J0160183FFT→Cameron Everest Brand of Pass Christian is charged with murder and aggravated assault, jail records show. Bay St. Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz said in a news release that police identified Brand as the sole shooter through witness and victim statements.♨TBJD226K035LRSB0824☆The highly immersive satirical novel takes us on a thrilling journey through the eyes of a writer who struggles to make her own way in the cut-throat world of publishing. In a climate where the publishing industry is being highly scrutinized for its gatekeeping, unfair treatment of marginalized writers and editors, its role in appropriation — we all remember the "Bad Art Friend" saga — and more, Kuang's novel is a strong commentary on the exploitation and rigors writers face under the pressure to be successful. What would you do for something you think you need badly? That promotion? That new shoes? That spot in an Ivy League college? That book deal? That next hit project? What happens when your entire identity becomes embroiled in your job — who is a writer if they're unable to write and publish? This is what Kuang's protagonist, June, faces in this novel.☀

↴The largest automaker to have announced it was removing AM radios from its vehicles’ in-dash audio systems suddenly reversed course Tuesday, announcing that it will restore AM service to all its models of electric and internal combustion vehicles.¤TR3A106M016C1700ღBurhan's military called for dismantling the RSF, which it labeled a "rebellious militia." Dagalo told the satellite news network Al Arabyia that he ruled out negotiation and called on Burhan to surrender.☜


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CDLL5521B☀Nelson said it's easy enough to give a second or third dose of naloxone if it wears off.☞2225J6300560FCT○A Luftwaffe jet flew Zelenskyy to the German capital from Rome, where he had met Saturday with Pope Francis and Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni.↔

ˍIf last summer is any indication, air travelers might be in for some turbulence before they get off the ground this summer.◣

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