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◢Also this week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin and Democrats on the panel sent a letter to Crow, issuing a new series of demands to detail the extent of any gifts worth more than $415 that he has given to any Supreme Court justice or their family members. Durbin also demanded information from businesses affiliated with Crow's private jet, private yacht and an expansive property known as Camp Topridge in New York's Adirondack Mountains.ぃMRF1K50HR5⇎Kaimal said there should be another trial to test the drug's efficacy, but in the meantime, it doesn't make sense to give patients a medicine that doesn't appear to work: "Faced with that powerless feeling, is false hope really any hope at all?"⇡B340A-M3/5ATぃLouisville authorities identified four victims killed in the shooting on Monday afternoon as 40-year-old Joshua Barrick, 63-year-old Thomas Elliott, 64-year-old James Tutt and Juliana Farmer. (Authorities gave differing ages for Farmer and a differing spelling for Elliott.)█BZX55C15_T50R⇕After three weeks of brutal fighting in Sudan that's killed hundreds of civilians and turned its capital into a disaster zone, the country's warring military factions have agreed to meet in person.◆

☆It was clear that staying open no longer made economic sense, she says. With some sadness, the congregation unanimously decided to close the doors; its last Sunday service was held in April of last year.⇏SKY16601-555LF⇁The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Thursday it had officially eliminated restrictions that had previously prohibited many blood donations by gay and bisexual men — a longstanding policy that critics say is discriminatory.✣


▂"We can close our eyes, we can avert our gaze, but we hear in 360 degrees," says Emily Elliott, a psychology professor at Louisiana State University who studies memory and cognition and is one of the authors of a study about how auditory distraction affects a young child's ability to perform serial recall tasks. Elliott and her colleagues devised a test in which they gave young children a visual task of memorizing a series of items on a screen. Then they told the children that sounds would be playing but not to pay attention to them, because they weren't relevant.➩CDR34BX563BKUP-ZAHAE↩Gunmen attacked an American convoy in Nigeria on Tuesday, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said. Nigerian police said the attack, which took place in southeast Nigeria's Anambra State, left four people dead. Three others were abducted.£JAN1N7055UR-1▣"We went through the building twice to make sure," Ifill said. "Now we know for a fact that it's completely empty. And they're not allowed to go back in it until they have a structural engineer come and do a good, solid assessment of the building."┲SL305A333JABTR1▫Most lawmakers said Chew's testimony, which was at times evasive on questions about China, was unconvincing and only served to further harden their positions against TikTok.▩

▢About 100 people were flown out of Khartoum by Spanish military aircraft — more than 30 Spaniards and the rest from Portugal, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina, the foreign ministry said.☛LQM21PNR82MCHD☻"We're really seeing divergence here," she says. "We've seen very, very concerning numbers from Florida, from Arkansas, from Indiana, but we've seen much more reassuring numbers from Arizona and Pennsylvania."⇞


➦After it's released from the follicle, the egg is scooped up and enveloped by the nearby, fingerlike projections (also known as fimbriae) at the end of one of the two slender uterine tubes (sometimes called fallopian tubes) that lead to the uterus.▅VUO55-14NO7░NPR obtained an audio recording of an excerpt of the talk from Lauren Windsor, a liberal activist and consultant, who acquired them from an attendee. Vihstadt authenticated the governor's remarks.★0603J2500270GUT♠She gains valuable perspective bouncing between New York and Nairobi, two cities that share several traits. "They're not perfect, pristine places. They're messy, musky and aggregated. There's a charm and character to the kind of chaos they both possess," Mutu writes. "New York has an addictive potency that I'm so inspired by, which comes from the density of creative, entrepreneurial people, the vibrations of multitudes of voices and the cross-contamination of different intelligences."♜IMC1210SY2R7K♟There are clues in what trends are accelerating, according to Jeff Jarvis, a media critic and a journalism professor at the City University of New York.►

▫Secretary Powell's speech to the United Nations occurred in early February 2003. He tried to make the case for why the U.S. needed to go to war in Iraq and why the rest of the world should support us.➼C0603C0G1E4R1C030BG▊In March of 2016, as the Trump trend accelerated, Politico's weekly magazine published a cover piece by Michael Lind suggesting Trump could be called "the perfect populist" for his times – much as Bryan had been for his.●


⇛Each child also suffered burns to their bodies, but the manner of death for each of the six is listed as homicide due to gunshot wounds.☣1808Y5K00471MXT◐Play was suspended about 16 minutes into the match, when fans in the stands waving frantically began getting the attention of those on the field and carrying the injured out of a tunnel and down to the pitch.♡TRS10A65F,S1Q↥Worries intensified in February, when India's tax authorities raided the BBC's offices in Delhi and Mumbai and, after three days of search, accused the British broadcaster of evading taxes.⇥2220J0160185MXR™Health care providers in Montana said the post-Roe era has been an uneasy time as they defend themselves against legal and political attacks while trying to keep their doors open for patients from Montana and neighboring states where abortion is banned.❈

☜"We traveled 15 hours on land at our own risk," al-Kouni told The Associated Press by phone. "But many of our friends are still trapped in Sudan."➧C907U500JYSDAAWL45✐Status: Signed into law; took effect immediately큐


▌Answering a question in Beijing on Friday during a regular briefing, a spokesperson for China's foreign ministry said the country "regrets that the airship strayed into the United States," which they attributed to a "westerly wind" and the device's limited "control ability."♐SP1210R-153J▫Officials say California currently has more than 250,000 of the pills already on hand, which were purchased for about $100,000. That's enough pills to cover an estimated 12,000 misoprostol-only abortions, according to a spokesman for Newsom, and the state is prepared to purchase more.£C1206C399B3HAC7800✄Each year more than a million Americans die from diet-related diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer, according to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. And people living at a lower socioeconomic level are disproportionately affected by diet-related chronic disease. The NIH aims to recruit people from a range of diverse backgrounds to participate in the study.CWR11HC336KCB\TR◊Also Friday, NHTSA posted documents showing that General Motors is recalling nearly 1 million vehicles equipped with ARC inflators. The recall covers certain 2014-2017 Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, and GMC Acadia SUVs.Ю

▩As Assad regained control of most of the country with the help of key allies Russia and Iran in recent years, some of Syria's neighbors that hosted large refugee populations took steps towards reestablishing diplomatic ties with Damascus. Meanwhile, Gulf monarchies the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain reestablished ties.◄B37931K1102K060⇔"Until the shrouds of secrecy are lifted and the analysis that led to today's assertions are available and subject to proper challenge, the alleged conclusions are substantively worthless," he said.◪

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