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♐Regional political analyst Torek Farhadi told CBS News earlier this month that the ban on women working for the U.N. likely came straight from the Taliban's supreme leader, who "wants to concentrate power and weaken elements of the Taliban which would want to get closer to the world community."£


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C0805C201F1HAC7800★In late 2021, the phrase "Let's go, Brandon!" — based on a famously misheard crowd chant at a NASCAR race — quickly spread among conservative groups as a direct expletive toward Biden.◙C1210X151J8HAC7800❦That's when he heard a cacophony of sirens outside. Less than 30 minutes later, police officers and parents began to flood the building and Parker directed them to the sanctuary.▰


♦The derailment comes amid heightened attention to rail safety nationwide after a fiery derailment in February of Norfolk Southern railcars in East Palestine, Ohio. Half of the town's 5,000 residents were evacuated as emergency responders burned off chemicals to prevent an uncontrolled explosion.★1812Y1K50101GCT↠Lt. Gen. Arthur Gregg, the first African American to achieve such a high rank, retired in 1981 after serving as the Army's deputy chief of staff, logistics. He becomes the only living soldier in modern history to have an installation named in his honor. Lt. Col. Charity Adams joined the newly created Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in 1942 and was the highest-ranking Black woman of World War II.✪SD18-6R2-R↦Last week, Brynjolfsson, together with MIT economists Danielle Li and Lindsey R. Raymond, released what is, to the best of our knowledge, the first empirical study of the real-world economic effects of new AI systems. They looked at what happened to a company and its workers after it incorporated a version of ChatGPT, a popular interactive AI chatbot, into workflows.↾C1812X561K5HAC7800✄Iran said Saturday it executed a former high-ranking defense ministry official and dual Iranian-British national, despite international warnings not to carry out the death sentence. The execution further escalated tensions with the West amid the nationwide anti-government protests shaking the Islamic Republic.↫

▐Over the next two decades, Pelé would go on to earn two more World Cup titles and score over 1,200 times, success so big that he's credited with growing the sport's international popularity. He counted Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu among his biggest fans, and his short stint with the New York Cosmos helped spark American interest in the game.✿1PMT4133/TR7☆When asked how she feels wearing a mask, one woman said, "It feels like going back in time. It's like living on this stage. It's marvelous!"↔


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TIM106M010P0W♚The State and Defense departments are sending a classified review of the withdrawal to Congress on Thursday.∴S0603-47NH2D➙There are clues in what trends are accelerating, according to Jeff Jarvis, a media critic and a journalism professor at the City University of New York.▌

»MARGARET BRENNAN: So you would keep the sanctions on those countries is what I hear.☀

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