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↠During the closure, Wawona, Crane Flat area and Hetch Hetchy will be open. Mariposa Grove will be open, but only via hike. Western Yosemite Valley will be open, but no services will be available, and parking will be limited and visitors cannot park off-road, the park said.¤

Flamini said she will continue to let doctors study the physical and mental impact of her time in the cave — before planning her next mountaineering and caving projects.↻


☆In early January, local prosecutors told NPR that Davis was not charged with a hate crime because Indiana is one of four states that lack a comprehensive law.☆SS14LHMHG⇧The group included John Watson of Braswell Family Farms in North Carolina, who donated 30,000 eggs to the roll.✡GA1812A121JBAAR31Gⓞ"I rather feel that I've been cheated by these institutions," he said.⇥1782-23G◢We're a deeply spiritual people, whether we're Christian, Muslim, or Hindu. I think that is what continues to hold us and keep us together and keep the humanity part of us alive. — Michael Onyango↫

♀"The education of Alabama's children is my top priority as governor, and there is absolutely no room to distract or take away from this mission. Let me be crystal clear: Woke concepts that have zero to do with a proper education and that are divisive at the core have no place in Alabama classrooms at any age level, let alone with our youngest learners," Ivey said in a statement.↑1210J1000122GFR✏So is it ok to just blithely dismiss a case of COVID?卍


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2N5551RLRMG➡"By golly, I'm biting my tongue," he went on. Referring to the reappointment of Rep. Jones to the legislature, "I'm going to have to swallow this to see Mr. Jones back up here, walking these hallowed halls that the greats of Tennessee stood in, and watch them disrespect this state."♀T491C107K016ATPLP1♣Duane says Texas has promised those funds before, as part of its defense of the fetal burial law. In that lawsuit, Duane argued that funerals can be expensive. "The state kept promising that they were going to provide all of these resources and grants and all this money for people who needed to have funerals," Duane says. "[Texas] never did any of that. It was all just political theater."⇊


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SJPZ-K28⇀"We are working on different options," Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden said in an investor's call on Friday. "The decisions are getting closer and closer."❑GQM1875C2E1R1BB12D↳"Harlan Crow has long been passionate about the importance of quality education and giving back to those less fortunate, especially at-risk youth," the statement reads. "It's disappointing that those with partisan political interests would try to turn helping at-risk youth with tuition assistance into something nefarious or political."▶


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