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•Announcing the Supreme Court decision on Thursday, Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial told Khan that his arrest was "invalid, therefore the whole process needs to be backtracked."▐SR275C103KAR↕LGBTQ people living in Kenya have often decried discrimination and attacks in a country where sex between men is illegal.♬T491B685M016ZTZ001✐One of the people in the group was a person named Wendy Westman. She and Price had only met in passing at the summer program a few months earlier. As Price stood there, feeling increasingly lonely, Westman turned around and asked him if he'd like to join her group.▄C1812C361FZGACTU❏The storms moving through the Midwest and South on Wednesday threaten some areas still reeling from a deadly bout of bad weather last weekend. The Storm Prediction Center said up to 40 million people in an area that includes major cities including Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit and Memphis, Tennessee, were at risk from the storms later Wednesday. As of late morning, the the greatest threat appeared to be to an area stretching from lower Michigan into Tennessee and Kentucky.✲

◄"If I fix a door or a window a day," Dudnik says, "I could make some progress."↚AON2290❈"[Legislators] need to start thinking about saving the economy because they're not helping the economy if they continue to allow this hateful narrative to go around," Mabry said.❐


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1210J1000562JXT➘On Tuesday morning ahead of the meeting, McCarthy stopped short of suggesting that Biden should cancel his trip, telling reporters: "Look, the president is the president of the United States, he can make that decision one way or another. But all I know is we got 16 more days to go. I don't think I'd spend eight days somewhere out of the country."⇧C0603X301K3HACAUTO◐Accurate polling can be hard to find in Turkey. Some recent polls see Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu in a tight race with neither winning more than 50%, which would lead to a second round between the two top candidates on May 28.⇑

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☭So, in 2021, Bausch switched tactics to focus on a long-neglected systemic challenge: Making sure that, at the first sign of an incipient outbreak, the world can come up with tests to diagnose people with the new disease – and make sure those tests are available not just in wealthy countries but in the lowest income ones.♂VJ0603A3R3CLCAJ32☆Ardern became the world's youngest leader in 2017 at the age of 37. Her last day in office was Feb. 7.♤CWR09HH226KBAあ"We have an opportunity to see what's the appropriate role of the federal government," LaBelle says. "It's not too late."♢VJ1210A103GXAAT➟The plan would allow independent experts to review and test AI technologies ahead of public release and give users access to the results.▤

☈"I produced a small piece of paper on which my sister had entered necessary monthly expenses," Britton wrote. "He agreed to the amount, saying if such an arrangement would make me happier than would an arrangement such as he had suggested ... he was agreeable to it."➚UMK105CH150JVHF↬In a prime-time televised address, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the country would need to be patient in the coming days and that he had instructed the army "to prepare for every possible scenario of escalation," including the likelihood that this could be on multiple fronts. "Tonight I say to our enemies, every escalation by you will be answered with an overwhelming response," he said.◢


➥Starting in 2003, with stints as prime minister and president, Erdogan has ruled Turkey longer than any other leader in the Turkish Republic's history.♥C0402C102J3GECAUTO7411ぃNPR White House correspondents Tamara Keith contributed to this report.↭TBJE336M035LRLB0H45♧"I remember him ... " she said, pausing before continuing. "I don't want to say things that are too personal, but he notably covered my last visit to Kyiv. I want to pay homage not only to his courage, but to the work that you do, which is indispensable for us to know the reality of the facts, for us to know the truth of what is happening in Ukraine and elsewhere."♭IXFH86N30T•The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday extended until Friday at midnight an administrative stay in an ongoing lower-court fight over the FDA-approved use of the abortion pill mifepristone.⇢

♨But Trump's supporters are clearly showing him support in other ways. His campaign had raised $10 million off the news of the indictment, according to adviser Jason Miller.☆1N5942B TR PBFREE◆The WHO said in a statement that active transmission was now ongoing in 27 out of Malawi's 29 districts, with the country seeing a 143-percent increase in the number of cases last month compared to December.▐


✌Torrential rains across Kalehe territory began on Thursday evening. Rivers broke their banks, with flash floods sweeping away the majority of buildings in the villages of Bushushu and Nyamukubi, causing the huge loss of life.C1210X150G3HACAUTO➶GREEN: To quote Director Tenet from his book. He said, "Our prewar analysis of post-war Iraq was prescient."⇒C0805C222K3GEC7210♭There are currently no plans to send U.S. peacekeeping troops to Sudan, with Sullivan saying the U.S. isn't even considering putting American boots on the ground.♦IPU06N03LB G→No matter which way the appeals court rules — on the emergency stay, the preliminary injunction or the merits of the lawsuit altogether — the decision will almost surely be appealed to the Supreme Court.◈

✉Wall Street fears these banks wouldn't be able to withstand a big outflow of deposits if customers left for the perceived safety of bigger banks.◇C392D●China accuses Washington of hindering its rise as an increasingly affluent, modern nation through trade and investment restrictions that Yellen said were narrowly targeted to protect American economic security.➹

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