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2150R-00FºAnd then there are people like Peter Paul Togero, who lives in the dusty village of Ayom in northern Uganda. He agreed that very little has been resolved. Togero is a member of an association of 43 parents with children suffering from nodding syndrome. "If you can, ask any organization to look for the solution of those who have the syndrome," he said. "If any organization can come and assist those, they are key."✃2474R-28J♚“You’ve got to remember they have security teams and adoring fans,” Polak said. “Sometimes we just have a split second to serve them, and you have to be precise.”∎


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LLM315R71A474MA11K☣In the fall, Malia will begin studying criminal justice at Montreat College in Montreat, N.C. After Saturday’s party, Sikes anticipated the next get-together.➮CKC18X512GDGAC7800←Doane asked, "Your jurisdiction is New York. It's an important big city, but it is just New York."£


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C0603C0G1E7R5B030BG✄A three-day visit to Moscow by Chinese President Xi Jinping last month demonstrated the two nations' partnership in the face of Western efforts to isolate Russia over Ukraine and gave a political lift to Russian President Vladimir Putin.§1825Y0160184JXR✄"At low levels, bedbugs are sometimes hard to detect, and so you may not even realize that you have a bedbug problem until the bedbugs that you've brought in with that couch have kind of blossomed into a full-blown infestation, maybe even in multiple rooms," he said.▪


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2220Y0250560JCR♔As Ukraine struggles to maintain global attention nearly 15 months into a full-scale war with Russia, groups like the foreign legion have struggled with enrollment. Still, Ukraine depends on the expertise of foreign volunteers to keep local volunteers and conscripts up to speed on NATO standards.♪MBRT40020RL⏎Denise Lajimodiere, a citizen of the Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa Indians in Belcourt, has written several award-winning books of poetry. She's considered a national expert on the history of Native American boarding schools and wrote an academic book called "Stringing Rosaries" in 2019 on the atrocities experienced by boarding school survivors.▥

➡And for certain ethnic and immigrant communities, losing AM’s foreign language stations — such as Polish and Russian outlets in Chicago, Farsi in Los Angeles, five Vietnamese stations in Northern and Southern California markets and about 700 Spanish-language stations nationwide — would cut many of them off from their most trusted sources of information, said Pierre Bouvard, the chief insights officer at Cumulus Media, which owns more than 400 stations.


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