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SQCB7A2R2CAJME↘"It's not only about protecting us, but it's about protecting our community. And that's a different calculus, where it's now within the government's interests to make sure that these diseases are not spreading," Deshmukh said.◎1206Y1001P50BAT➞In a move that might anger some China hawks, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng is also attending. Han was the architect of Beijing's 2019 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.➚


▪While the House Committee on Agriculture Chair GT Thompson, R-Pa., called the McCarthy proposal "sensible," the panel's ranking member David Scott, D-Ga., called it " a non-starter" and "ungodly."◙CDR31BP300BKUP\M500↼The Post’s review of dozens of hours of body camera videos, post-shooting interviews with officers, audio from dispatch communications and law enforcement licensing records identified at least seven officers who stalled even as evidence mounted that children were still in danger. Some were the first to arrive, while others were called in for their expertise.☭T491A475M010ATAU04⇆"If it's pretending to be a news outlet located in New York but the person or page is posting from Pakistan, that might not necessarily align with what you expect," she added.♧DZ23C16-HE3-18↯Fortas was first named to the court in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, whom he helped in a contested Senate election in Texas in 1948. While Fortas was considered a legendary legal intellect of his time, his close relationship with Johnson soon came under scrutiny.➹

☺Israel marked its 75th Independence Day in April, corresponding to the anniversary on the Hebrew calendar, amid street protests against Israel's current government and deep divisions between Jews over what kind of country Israel should be.❐C0603C152G1GEC7867▏The Labor Department said Wednesday that consumer prices in April were 4.9% higher than a year ago, a slight slowdown from the 5% inflation rate in March. It was the smallest annual cost-of-living increase in two years.☻


۰Biden, 80, nodded to recent media coverage about his age as he seeks another four-year term.☣CW100505-15NJ3♨At least 6,182 people died in state and federal prisons in 2020, a 46% jump from the previous year, according to data recently released by researchers from the UCLA Law Behind Bars Data Project.▒VS-VSKU56/10▕"We were [on] the ninth floor. So once everyone heard the shooting happened on the 11th floor, you can imagine that some of the folks in the room got a little nervous, a little tense," he said.⇢CBR08C430F5GAC▪NEW YORK — Salman Rushdie made an emotional and unexpected return to public life Thursday night, attending the annual gala of PEN America and giving the event's final speech as he accepted a special prize, the PEN Centenary Courage Award, just nine months being after being stabbed repeatedly and hospitalized.⇛

✲A Texas House investigative report published in July spread blame across every law enforcement agency responding to the attack, noting more experienced agencies also failed to take charge.☁C0805X201K3HACAUTO▤So it struck some as odd, if not bizarre, to label as populist the candidacy of a plutocrat who plastered his name on luxury towers in Manhattan.✑

↛La Niña said farewell in March; since then, U.S. forecasters have mounted an El Niño Watch.■

▬"So already, allowing Charles to be king while divorced himself and married to a divorced woman is a sign of tremendous change, the removal of the word consort legitimating that is really a highly modern gesture that conforms much more realistically to modern marriage practices and to the king's new role," Gullace says.⇜


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