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▱"She was all dolled up in cheap punky gear, the kind of club kid who looked absurdly out of place in a cardiac ward," he wrote. "She wasn't even interested in hearing me explain how much I liked her demo. 'The thing to do now,' she said, 'is sign me to a record deal.'"§


⇇Lillian's sister-in-law, Lisa Ip, told News 7 that Lillian was unfamiliar with the area, but excited to see it on her trip. Police said Lillian hailed from Cheltenham, a suburb of the city of Melbourne about 160 miles to the southwest.◘1812J5000184JDT◊Initial reports put the death toll at around 50, but later tallies reported by independent media raised it to about 100. It was impossible to independently confirm details of the incident because reporting is restricted by the military government.✲CAS18C391KAGGC♗A gag order is imposed by a judge to restrict what individuals involved in a case can and cannot discuss outside the courtroom. Since gag orders restrict the right to free speech, they are only issued to control the flow of information to ensure a fair trial, according to Cornell Law.➨CKC18C622FWGAC7210❄He is still waiting to find a new therapist, because most therapists have long waitlists for new patients.⇩

▪"Those place a tremendous amount of stress on a household food budget and household budgets overall," FitzSimons said.▋1825J5000563JXR◐Instead, the agency will start relying on the number of people being hospitalized for COVID as an indicator of how much the virus is spreading. A CDC analysis of the new approach released Friday confirmed it will be effective, Shah says.▭

▒President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has led the country for 20 years, is asking voters to grant him another five years in office.↿

∎When one iteration of Twitter Blue was rolled out last year, a user with a blue check pretended to be the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and tweeted that the company was offering insulin for free. The company denied the news and apologized, but not before the fake tweet received hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes and sent Lilly's stock price down temporarily.♪

☢The president vowed to the nation in an address that the suspect "will never again see the light of the day." He referred to the attack as an act of terror and announced tougher gun-control measures, on top of ones put forward by the government a day earlier.❈


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