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⊟The decision was approved by the Flint Board of Education, the district's principal and administration, and in collaboration with the Flint Police Department, Flint Community School said.

⇟The figure in the latest draft report released by the task force is far lower. The group has not responded to email and phone requests for comment on the reduction.▤


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744912147♣The student who crossed the border Wednesday told CBS News she saw some Sudanese civilians crossing the border into Egypt and then realizing they had no idea what to do next.↩SUM80090E-GE3▥The sale of vaping products in retail stores is legal and regulated in the U.S., which has also seen an increase in vaping rates among teens.↘


➼Mufi Hanneman, president and CEO of the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association, which represents hotels, backs the bill but said Hawaii must carefully monitor how the money is used.●CC0805JKNPOYBN392➨Authorities have been pursuing Arrington and three other inmates who broke out over the weekend from a Mississippi jail under federal scrutiny. Arrington is suspected of killing a man and stealing his pickup truck after the escape.♦1206Y0100272JXR☜While the lawsuit will move forward in a federal court in Manhattan, Jordan has already announced the committee's next step: the House Judiciary Committee will hold a "field hearing" Monday in New York, featuring people they're calling "victims" of Bragg's policies. The hearing will take place a short distance from both Bragg's office and the courthouse where Trump was arraigned.✥BZM55C51-TR◀"If the White House is looking for revenue, they are looking in the wrong direction," Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., told reporters.☠

▨"Across the country, we have seen an increase in threatening behavior and contraband, including weapons, being brought into schools at all levels," the district said. "Backpacks make it easier for students to hide weapons, which can be disassembled and harder to identify or hidden in pockets, inside books or under other items."∴M39003/01-6153H░A 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, Jack Teixeira, was arrested as a suspect in the recent leak of classified U.S. intelligence documents, the Department of Justice said Thursday.⇠

◄The exodus began with American special operations forces swooping in and out of Khartoum in helicopters early Sunday to evacuate U.S. Embassy personnel.❏

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